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Illana Lane

A message from the Chair of the Division of Education

Welcome to the Division of Education at Medaille College. We offer undergraduate and graduate education programs at the Buffalo Campus. The Division of Education is dedicated and committed to engaging students in a positive learning environment. Our academic programs are exciting, but rigorous. Additionally, we offer multiple delivery systems to meet the needs of diverse learners. We believe in training educators who have the ability to meet the future needs and requirements of the education profession.

We have a supportive faculty and staff who are available and accessible to students. We believe in the development of positive and professional relationships with the faculty. I’m glad you have chosen Medaille and I wish you success in your academic career at the college.

Dr. Illana Lane, Ph.D.
Dean, Division of Education

Our Mission, Vision, and Philosophy


The Bachelor degree programs at Medaille are committed to the academic and professional preparation of highly qualified teachers through rigorous, integrated coursework in the liberal arts and professional studies. The program emphasizes active, experiential learning both inside and outside the classroom through frequent field observation and practicum experiences over four years.

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The Graduate Programs at Medaille are committed to fostering reflective practitioners with demonstrated proficiency in academic content, pedagogy, learning theory and student development. Its graduates will be well prepared to function effectively in an inclusive classroom, to meet successfully the learning and developmental needs of diverse student constituencies, and to function as capable professionals in a variety of school environments. The program is dedicated to producing teachers who will exhibit intellectual rigor and compassion in the learning environment and who will balance their high expectations for students with appropriate degrees of support and assistance to assure intellectual and personal growth.

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Undergraduate Programs

Advanced Certifications

Admissions and Financial Aid

Contact our Undergraduate Admissions or Graduate Admissions and Financial Aid offices for help on beginning your learning experience and getting financial assistance.

Student Teaching

The Student Teaching Experience at Medaille College provides students with a variety of hands-on opportunities in preparing them to become classroom teachers. 

Division of Education Faculty

Medaille College has a tradition of excellence in teaching that reaches all the way back to the foundation of the institution in 1875. Our faculty of dedicated and talented men and women are first and foremost teachers. Many of them have acquired years of experience in the field of education as professors and also as working professionals. Teachers trained at Medaille are highly regarded for their practical abilities in the classroom and their ability to teach on the first day of the job.  

Current students:

After Graduation

Once you've earned your undergraduate education degree, you have five years to obtain your master's degree for professional certification in New York State. Medaille offers master's degrees in Elementary Education, Literacy, Adolescent/Secondary Education and Students with Disabilities.

Contact Us

Our academic dean, department chairs and program directors are happy to meet with current and prospective students. Contact the Division of Education.


NYSTCE Pass Rates

NYSTCE Pass Rates: Buffalo Campus

Test 2009-2010 2010-2011 2011-2012
LAST 99% 98% 98%
MST-CST 96% 95% 95%
ATSW-Elementary 100% 98% 100%
ATSW-Secondary 100% See note 1 See note 1
ELA-CST 100% See note 1 See note 1
Mathematics-CST See note 1 See note 1 See note 1
Biology-CST See note 1 See note 2 See note 2
Chemistry-CST See note 1 See note 2 See note 2
French-CST See note 1 See note 2 See note 2
Students with Disabilities-CST 100% See note 1 See note 2
Literacy-CST 100% 100% 100%
Social Studies-CST  See note 1 See note 1 See note 1

Note 1: Pass rates are not reported to Medaille by New York State if fewer than ten graduates sat for the test.
Note 2: No graduates of Medaille sat for this test.

NYSTCE Pass Rates: Amherst Campus

Test 2010-2011 2011-2012
LAST 99% 98%
MST-CST 93% 94%
ATSW-Elementary 100% 99%
ATSW-Secondary 100% 97%
ELA-CST 95% 92%
Mathematics-CST See note 1 See note 1
Biology-CST 100% 100%
Chemistry-CST See note 1 See note 1
French-CST See note 1 See note 1
Students with Disabilities-CST See note 1 85%
Social Studies-CST See note 1 70%

Note 1: Pass rates are not reported to Medaille by New York State if fewer than ten graduates sat for the test.

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