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The Medaille College Policy Manuals provide information to students, faculty, administrators, community members, and the public regarding: governance and administration; campus community policies; employment; faculty policies; and student life and residence policies.   Questions pertaining to Volumes I, II, III, or V should be directed to Human Resources. Questions pertaining to Volume IV should be directed to Academic Affairs. Questions pertaining to Volume VII should be directed to Student Affairs. The Medaille College Policy Manuals are reviewed and updated as needed.


PDF Volume I: Governance and Administration

Contents: History, Mission, Charter, Administration, Organizational Charts


PDF Volume II: Campus Community Policies

Contents: General Campus Information, Health Related Policies, Safety and Security Policies, Information Technology, Public Relations Policies, Code of Ethics Governing Research, Institutional Advancement Policies, Miscellaneous Policies, Office of Disability Services Policies and Procedures


PDF Volume III: General Institutional Employment Policies

Contents: Personnel Records, Benefits, Wage and Payroll Policies


PDF Volume IV: Faculty Handbook and Appendices

Contents: Faculty Appointments, Responsibilities, Tenure, and Professional Development


PDF Volume V: Personnel Policies for Administrators and Hourly Personnel

Contents: Personnel Records, Wage and Payroll Policies

Note: Effective July 2014, Volume VI: Selected Undergraduate Academic and Enrollment Policies has been removed; policies are reviewed and updated regularly in the College catalogs and the Admissions handbooks.


PDF Volume VII: Student Life and Residence Policies

Contents:General Student Information, Student Services, Student Alcohol and Drug Policies and Programs, Peer Sexual Harassment, Residence Life, Student Code of Conduct and Judicial Procedures, Student Activities and Organizations, Student Government Association Constitution, Athletics


Medaille College Laboratory Safety Policy Manual

Contents: Safety Rules in Science Labs, Chemical Safety Rules, Biohazard Safety Rules, Live Animal Safety Rules, Pregnancy, Service Animals, and Other Medical Conditions