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Business Course Descriptions ALP-MOEnext

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(Note: Business courses include both BUS and BIS)

BIS 290 Fundamentals of Information Systems

This online course provides an introduction to systems and development concepts, information technology, and application software. It explains how information is used in organizations and how IT enables improvement in quality, timeliness, and competitive advantage. Systems theory, quality, decision-making, and the organizational role of information systems are introduced. Information technology including computing and telecommunications systems are stressed. Concepts of organizations, information systems growth, and process improvement are introduced. Prerequisites: None. 4 credit hours. Offered as needed.

BIS 300 Database Design and Development

This online course covers information systems design and implementation within a database management system environment. Students will demonstrate their mastery of the design process acquired in earlier courses by designing and constructing a physical system using database software to implement the logical design. 4 credit hours. Offered as needed.


This course provides a comprehensive look at the legal and ethical issues which shape modern business, integrating concepts from law, ethics and current management practice. Students will review government regulation, business structures, legal concepts, professional codes of conduct, individual personal value conflicts, and corporate values, morals, and ethical codes. Although the course focuses on the American corporation, international law and business transactions are covered as well. Extensive use of case studies will help students to integrate legal and ethical concepts with practical business applications. 4 credit hours. Offered as needed.

BIS 302 Systems and Databases: Applications

This online course provides an opportunity for students to assess and hone their information systems, computer applications and database design skills. Course content will focus on the application of information systems and database management theory and principles to realistic situations from today’s workplace. The course will provide the option for individualized instruction so that students advance at their own pace through a series of outcomes, while using collaborative learning situations to confront and solve practical real world problems. 4 credit hours. Offered as needed.

BIS 350 Computer Architecture

In this course, students will review the theoretical underpinnings, installation, and configuration of computer hardware and software through operational laboratory experiences. This course provides systems development personnel with hardware and software technology background, enabling them to evaluate computer architecture options and alternatives for effective use in a business environment. System architecture for networked computing systems and operating systems will also be covered. 4 credit hours. Offered as needed.

BIS 390 Comparative Programming Languages

This course provides a study of several modern programming languages and the programming paradigm that each language strives to accommodate. Procedural, functional, logical, compiled, and interpretative programming languages are studied. For each language students will examine data types, control structures, syntax and semantics, idiomatic constructs, translation into executable units, and the run-time environment, delving behind the scenes in some cases to examine implementation of language elements. Students will develop a small program in each language examined. The design philosophy of each language will be analyzed to discover how that philosophy is exhibited in the elements of the language. 4 credit hours. Offered as needed.

BIS 355 Information Systems Security: Policy and Procedures

This course explores the development of the policies and procedures needed to implement information security controls.  Students will review, evaluate, and develop various types of policies, procedures, and security manuals, as well as assessing the security issues, trends, and resources most relevant for business today.  Upon completion of the course, students will be able to create and defend an information security policy, identify processes to implement and enforce policy, and evaluate various security threats and risks. Students will also explore how information security must be integrated into all aspects of the business process. Tier 1- Tier- 3 policies will be discussed along with the mapping of the requirements for each. 4 credit hours. Offered as needed.

BIS 400 Systems Analysis

This course examines the system development and modification process. It emphasizes the factors required for effective communication and integration with users and user systems while it promotes development of interpersonal skills between clients, users, team members, and others associated with development, operation, and maintenance of the system. Structured and object-oriented analysis and design, use of modeling tools, adherence to methodological life cycles, and project management standards are used to analyze and design information systems. Students will apply course content through group analysis and design of a departmental level system. 4 credit hours. Offered as needed.

BIS 410 Distributed Systems Development

This course presents the physical design and implementation of information systems applications in emerging distributed computing environments using traditional and contemporary development methodologies. Students will use systems analysis concepts to implement an information system in an emerging systems environment. Study groups will use project management principles to implement an information system. 4 credit hours. Offered as needed.

BUS 420 E-Business Strategy and Design

This course establishes the link between organizational strategy and current electronic methods of delivering products, services and exchanges in inter-organizational, national, and global environments. Information technology strategy and technological solutions for enabling effective business processes within and between organizations in a global environment are examined and appraised. Students analyze the ways in which networked information technology can implement and enhance organizational strategy, connecting individuals, businesses, governments, and other organizations to each other. The course provides an introduction to e-business strategy and the development and architecture of e-business solutions and their components. 4 credit hours. Offered as needed.

BUS 430 Business Data Communications

This course provides an overview of the telecommunications industry today – including voice, data, and video transmissions. Students are introduced to the major components of local area networks (LANs) and wide area networks (WANs), exploring issues related to the design and administration of computer networks. The Internet and its underlying technologies (TCP/IP, domain management, etc.) are reviewed. Varying transmission media are compared, and students will gain a fundamental understating of the operation of wired and wireless data communications. Data communications fundamentals, encoding methods, and network security are also discussed. 4 credit hours. Offered as needed.

BUS 445 Case Studies in Global Strategy

This course examines the strategies, competencies, policies, and procedures used to compete in a global business environment. Through in-depth study of the macro and micro-environments and the internal core competencies of a company, students will examine how a strategy can be crafted to build and maintain a competitive advantage. The forces which drive and control international business will be identified and their impact on conducting business in foreign countries analyzed. Through case study analysis, students will apply the material; in a final international business case, students will assess the overall success of a business venture and offer recommendations for long-term viability. 4 credit hours. Offered as needed.

BUS 470 Business Strategy Internship and Capstone I

This Fast Forward course introduces the student’s capstone experience. Students work with ALP faculty to identify and arrange their internship experience. Online activities lead the student to evaluate and improve his/her resume and interviewing techniques. At the same time, students will engage in online discussion of current business readings and case studies to become familiar with the fundamentals of business strategy. This course is offered only in conjunction with BUS 471 and BUS 472. 1 credit hour. Offered as needed.

BUS 471 Business Strategy Internship and Capstone II

This Fast Forward course focuses on both academic and experiential learning opportunities. Students continue in their internship. Experience gained during the internship is analyzed in concurrent courses; course concepts are applied in the work situations. At the same time, students engage in online analysis of current readings and case studies on business strategy. This course is offered only in conjunction with BUS 470 and BUS 472. 1 credit hour. Offered as needed.

BUS 472 Business Strategy Internship and Capstone III

This Fast Forward course concludes the students’ capstone experience. Students wrap up and evaluate their year-long internship. Experience gained during the internship is analyzed in concurrent courses; course concepts are applied in the work situations. At the same time, student teams will participate in an online business strategy simulation. This course is only offered in conjunction with BUS 470 and BUS 471. 2 credit hours. Offered as needed.

BUS 476 Business Strategy Capstone

This Capstone course integrates the knowledge and skills learned in the previous BBA courses, asking students to demonstrate integrative thinking and the ability to transfer theoretical knowledge from one setting to another. Using a business simulation, each group will apply theory to real situations, analyze data statistically, employ appropriate problem-solving methodologies, and function effectively as a team. Each group will analyze its progress in a series of written and oral reports. Each student will evaluate his/her own growth and development through the BBA program in a series of reflective written and oral essays. 4 credit hours. Offered as needed.

BIS 480 Project Management Capstone

This course covers the factors necessary for successful management of information systems development or enhancement projects. Both technical and behavioral aspects of project management are applied within the context of an information systems development project. In this culminating course, high-performance teams will engage in and complete the design and implementation of a significant information system. Project management, management of the IS function, and systems integration will be demonstrated and assessed in this project experience. 4 credit hours. Offered as needed.