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HIM Course Descriptions ALP-MOEnext

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HIA 123 Medical Terminology

This course introduces students to the language of medicine utilized by health care professionals within various healthcare settings, when diagnosing and treating various diseases and conditions. Students will identify the various components of medical terms (i.e. roots, suffixes, and prefixes) when building and dissecting these terms. 4 credit hours. Offered as needed.

HIA 197 Essentials of Healthcare Delivery

This course covers the essential elements of healthcare delivery in the United States, providing an overview of health care policy and its development. Course topics include the resources and systems used in delivering health care, including outpatient and primary care services, hospitals, managed care, long term care, and populations with special needs. Students will evaluate the outcomes of our health care system and how they are addressed through health care policy.  The future of healthcare in the United States is discussed and analyzed, including health reform, cost and access, public health, and technology. 4 credit hours. Offered as needed.

HIA 198 Health Information Technology

This course investigates the function and purpose of both the Health Information Management (HIM) Department and the health record. Students will explore HIM professional opportunities, the history of health information management, and the role of HIM in the healthcare team. Course activities will focus on the health record, including its purpose, function, content, and structure, as well as the role of the HIM professional in maintaining the record.  The course will also provide a brief introduction into privacy and confidentiality issues regarding the health record. 4 credit hours. Offered as needed.

HIA 321 Health Information Management: Theory and Practice

This course provides the student with knowledge of the organization and delivery of healthcare systems and the concepts, principles, rules and regulations that govern HIM operations.  Students will examine documentation requirements, timeliness, and completeness of the health record, with emphasis placed on the transition to the Electronic Health Record (EHR). Students will also review record content requirements mandated by accrediting and regulatory agencies and various legal requirements in maintaining health records, as well as investigate various registries and indexes and the role HIM has in maintaining them. 4 credit hours. Offered as needed.

HIA 322 The Legal Health Record

This course provides an overview of the U.S. legal system, processes, and actions encountered in healthcare.  Students will become familiar with the legal health record, e-discovery guidelines, and related agencies or external entities that influence both the healthcare environment and the HIM profession. Topics include access and disclosure of personal health information (PHI), various legal healthcare documents, HIPAA privacy, security and breaches, and compliance with subpoenas.  The course also analyzes the effectiveness of compliance programs, including governmental audits, coding compliance, HIPAA Privacy and Security audit programs, and the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) as it relates to healthcare compliance. Ethical standards of practice in health information management (HIM) such as coding are also examined. 4 credit hours. Offered as needed.

HIA 330 Information Systems & Technology

This course provides the student with in-depth knowledge regarding the implementation and management of various technology systems utilized in the healthcare industry. Students will be introduced to the hardware and software available to ensure data integrity and security. Additionally, the principles and concepts learned will assist with the development of various networks, intranet, internet, electronic health record (EHR), personal health record (PHR), public health and other administrative systems. 4 credit hours. Offered as needed.

HIA 333 Healthcare Statistics, Research, & Quality Improvement

This course applies high-level statistical management skills to HIM operations, health research, and quality management and performance improvement. Students will analyze data to identify trends, manage risk, optimize utilization, and facilitate decision making. Students will also examine basic research designs and methodology used in HIM and organization-wide operations. 4 credit hours. Offered as needed.

HIA 334 The Electronic Health Record

This course presents a detailed overview of the various technologies and systems used to handle and store medical records data, provide and enforce security, and maintain accurate and reliable systems. Course topics cover the hardware and software needed to ensure data collection, storage, analysis, and reporting. Networks, including intranet and internet applications, are examined as they contribute to the administration of electronic medical records. Special attention is given to the issues of privacy and security (HIPAA), which include data security concepts, contingency planning, audit trails, and the use of technology to secure data integrity and validity.  Processes and procedures regarding the proper use and disclosure of healthcare data as well as the concept of interoperability will be investigated. 4 credit hours. Offered as needed.

HIA 405 Managing the Coding Process for Inpatients

This course focuses on the medical coding system of ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS as well as the application of these systems to hospital inpatient services reporting.  Students will examine and apply key functions related to the coding process.  Inpatient reimbursement processes, including the documentation improvement process, management of inpatient coding quality using audit techniques, and coding resources and tools (i.e. encoders and groupers) will also be addressed.

HIA 406 Managing the Coding Process for Outpatients

This course focuses on the medical coding system of CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) and HCPCS and the application of these systems to all outpatient services reporting. Students will examine key functions related to the coding and outpatient reimbursement process, including documentation issues, coordination of the reimbursement process, use of Charge Description Master (CDM), management of outpatient coding quality in a variety of outpatient settings, and outpatient reimbursement systems. Compliance strategies to meet Federal and other regulatory requirements for the outpatient services will be developed and utilized. 4 credit hours. Offered as needed.

HIA 407 Reimbursement Methodologies

This course includes a review of health care reimbursement systems for all patient services. Students will review health insurance basics and apply the concepts to a variety of patient and payer types in order to calculate accurate health care reimbursements using federal and state edits, compliance techniques, and resources.  Unique patient types and services such as home care, skilled nursing care, Medicare, and Medicaid insurance are included. 4 credit hours. Offered as needed.

HIA 408 Financial and Revenue Cycle Management

This course provides an overview of the financial concepts required by the health information professional: basic accounting reports, budgeting, contracts, and specific healthcare data management that is directly related to the revenue cycle, including coding, and reimbursement. Students will also review basic accounting and financial management principles, the history of reimbursement methodologies, and how healthcare data plays an increasingly important role in the revenue cycle. The course will focus on the impact of documentation improvement as it relates to ICD-10. 4 credit hours. Offered as needed.

HIA 440 Management and Organization for Health Professions

This course will investigate best practices in human resources, project, and operations management (including process improvement and quality assurance in healthcare), and managing workplace teams.  Special emphasis is placed on recruiting, training, and motivating employees.  Basic strategic planning and management concepts will be applied to projects specific to the HIM department. Concepts of change management and emotional intelligence are applied to the management of the HIM department.  This course is a pre-requisite to HIA 460. 4 credit hours. Offered as needed.

HIA 460 HIA Professional Practice Capstone

Students will engage in a management experience which focuses on a specific project. Developed in cooperation with the HIA Program Director and the designated site, the capstone project will require demonstration of management capabilities, problem solving, and a firm understanding of HIA concepts and practices. At the same time, the student will consolidate and review the technical internship skills which were developed through the virtual lab exercises in earlier courses. Students will present their professional practice project and portfolio for peer review. 4 credits. Offered as needed.

HIA 470 Professional Review and Certification

Within this course, student will review, synthesize, and evaluate skills and content from previous BPS HIA courses.  Students will investigate areas of individual interest and proficiency, as well as professional opportunities within the current HIA market.  The course will include partial and complete mock competency exams. Four credits. Offered as needed.