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The following resources are available from the Academic Support Center office in M321.

Learning Strategy Guides

Time Management
Organization Tips
Note Taking
Grammar Hints
Test Taking Strategies
Math Anxiety
Memory Tips
Microsoft Office

Power Points

Beating Test Anxiety
Are You Listening?
Time Management
How to Study Math
Math Anxiety
How to Improve Your Memory
Teamwork Series

Citation Guidelines

MLA Handouts & Power Point
APA Handouts & Power Point
CBE Handout & Power Point

Standardized Test Preparation Books


Reference Materials

Dictionaries, Magazines, Thesauruses, Scholarship Information, Outdated Textbooks, Almanac, Atlas, Website Resources

Assistive Technology

Dragon Naturally Speaking 7.0- a simple word processor that allows the user to generate text by speaking into a microphone instead of using a keyboard. *

JAWS: A screenreader application that works with most popular software applications and the Internet to synthesize speech from text-based content.

L&H Kurzweil 3000- scans and reads pages from any book or document: reads the World Wide Web. Speaks and highlights text simultaneously, providing auditory and visual representation, choice of reading voices, over 175,000 word dictionary; also reads back student-generated writing.*

Zoom Text Xtra 8.0- for low vision, features magnification and screen reading. Provides easy access to all Windows programs.*

Instructional Software

SkillsTutor - covers core concepts in basic language, reading, writing, mathematics, and information skills. Teaches students to apply concepts, think critically, and discover creative solutions to real-life problems.*

Tuition Funding Sources- an interactive CD that helps students look into financial aid resources and college information.

R.E.S.U.L.T.S. (Realizing Education Successes Using Long Term Strategies)- a four week program to help students develop better time management and study skills.

* Purchased with Federal TRIO Grant funds and available for use by eligible students.

Diagnostic and Professional Materials

Academic Support Success Kit- analyzes general and math study skills to improve student learning. The kit also provides information on developing study skills courses/ workshops and on training professional staff. *

First Semester- contains a video, as well as printed Facilitator, Student, and Parent Guides. All materials are designed to provide information and food for thought about the transition to college.*

Educational Videos

Study Skills

Avoiding the Research Paper Blues (20:00)
Doing Research on the Internet (16:00)
Effective Time Management (20:00)
How to Get the Most From What You Read: Building Vocabulary (49:00)
How to Improve Your GPA (17:00)
Improving Your Self-Esteem (18:00)
Making A’s in College (Two one-hour tapes)
Memory Skills – Associations (approx. 15:00)
Memory Skills – Creating Lasting Impressions (approx. 15:00)
Memory Skills – Names / Faces (approx. 15:00)
Memory Skills – Numbers (approx. 15:00)
Memory Skills – Places (approx. 15:00)
Memory Skills – Sequences (approx. 15:00)
Note Taking (11:29)
Oh No, It’s Due Tomorrow (30:00)
Stress Management (30:00)
Study Skills: How to Take Essay Tests (15:00)
Study Skills: How to Read a Textbook (18:00)
Test Taking Tactics (15:00)
Test Taking Without Fear
Test Taking Without Fear featuring Rich Little
Becoming a Master Student--Be Here Now: Power Process (20:00)
Becoming a Master Student--Find a Bigger Problem: Power Process (20:00)
Becoming a Master Student--Love Your Problems: Power Process (20:00)
Becoming a Master Student--You Create It All: Power Process (20:00)
Becoming a Master Student--Capturing Student Attention (33:00)
Becoming a Master Student--Course Overview ( 21:00)
Becoming a Master Student--Stress Management
The Unbiased Mind ( 23:00)
Thinking Skills: Introduction to Critical Thinking (60:00)
This is a Test: Only a Test (30:00)
Time Management ( 12:56)
Using Clue Words to Unlock Meaning
Writing: Getting Started ( 10:37)


Math Study Skills for Students (35:00)
Math!: A Four Letter Word (19:36)
College Algebra and Trigonometry Series (6 tapes)
Lecture Video Series-Algebra for College Students (12 tapes)


Chem Matters – Distillation (14:00)
Chem Matters – Titration (17:00)
Chem Matters – Filtration (16:00)
Chem Matters – Tour of the Lab: Parts 1 & 2 (20:00)
Chem Matters – Melting Point (16:00)
Chem Matters – Measurement of Mass (11:00)
Chem Matters – Measurement of Volume (11:00)


Working Together: People with Disabilities and Computer Technology (14:25)
Career Planning
Table Manners For Everyday Use (41:00) 

Cassette Tapes

Study Skills

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (90:00)
Improving Your Study Skills: How to Be a Better Student: two cassettes


Canterbury Tales: two cassettes (3 hours)
Hamlet: two cassettes
Literature, Live!: four cassettes

I'm grateful for the education I've received.

The instructors were knowledgeable and welcomed class discussions, with
respect for each student's contribution. I've learned how to be a more
effective leader. My capstone class gave insight on how to combine all
the education learned to operate a business. That's when I realized how
much I had sharpened my knowledge.

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