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Challenge Brings Reward                                                      

To be eligible to enter the Medaille College Honors Program at the Buffalo, New York campus you must have strong academic credentials and a high school record of active extracurricular participation. You will engage with like-minded individuals to address challenging issues in an environment of vigorous intellectual inquiry, which develops leadership skills and solid social and moral commitment. Honors scholars are able to register for special honors sections of eight interdisciplinary liberal arts and sciences courses which, link together to reinforce fundamental skills and concepts. Medaille College is proud of its reputation for having small classes and a low student-to-faculty ratio. As Medaille students, therefore, it is natural for students participating in the College Honors Program to maintain close contact with their professors. The honors curriculum is fully integrated into each major and requires no additional coursework.



Eligibility will be determined by the Admissions Office at the same time as an acceptance decision.  Eligible students’ application materials will then be forwarded to the Vice President of Academic Affairs and Honors Program Directors for candidacy review.  A student will be offered acceptance into the Honors Program if s/he exhibits strong leadership and scholarship inside and outside the classroom. Furthermore, because the College Honors Program is built around honors-level sections of Medaille's General Education Core courses, talented and committed full-time day students pursuing any of the College's baccalaureate degree programs are eligible to participate.

Those students accepted into the Honors Program will be expected to maintain both a cumulative and honors GPA at or above a 3.0.

Required Courses:

 Honors 110- Introduction to Critical Thinking 
Honors 130- Fundamentals of Public Speaking
 Honors 200- Advanced College Writing   
Honors 220- Justice and Democracy in America
 Honors 230- Creative Expressions
Honors 340- Scientific Discovery (340L- Lab)
 Honors 410- Capstone I                 
Honors 411- Capstone II

For questions or further information about the program, please contact:

Honors Program Co-Directors

Dr. Lesley Capuana, (716) 880-2451

Samantha Purpora (716) 880-2450

Please note: space in this program is limited and participation is always voluntary.

Honors Program Enrollment Form

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Mentoring opportunities include a variety of co-curricular activities which bring honors faculty, administrators, staff and students together outside of the classroom.  For instance, the College Honors students are encouraged to participate in receptions, presentations and other co-curricular activities throughout the academic year.

Every Honors student is assigned a mentor who will provide academic and personal guidance.


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Benefits to students participating in the Honors Program include:

  • A challenging and richly integrated honors curriculum in which courses are carefully designed to interconnect, reinforcing important critical thinking tools, communication skills and scholarly ideas.
  • Unique opportunities for mentoring from honors faculty, administrators and staff.
  • Special honors receptions, presentations and other social events.
  • Flexible advisement and registration procedures to ensure enrollment in honors courses on schedule and in sequence. Including priority registration for classes at the beginning of each semester.
  • Official recognition at commencement.
  • A unique housing grant for all Honors students choosing to live on campus!
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Recent Events

Honors Students have the opportunity to have their senior research papers published in the annual Honors Capstone Collection. The 2014 Honors Capstone Collection is available here

During the 2016-2017 Scholarship, Research, and Creativity Day Honor's Students were encouraged to participate in a variety of ways, such as making a piece of artwork or presenting a poster on their research.

  • Here are some pictures of students in an Honor’s art class working hard on their buffalo project.
  • Medaille college welcomed Rodney C. Haring as the keynote speaker for the day, here as some pictures of his speech.
  • Students and Faculty both were present to enjoy the keynote speech and poster presentations, here are just a few pictures from the festivities.
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Faculty and Staff

Lesley Capuana
Jonathan Elston
Co-Director of the Honors Program
Assistant Professor
Office: M206
Gerald Erion 
 Lindy Feider
Office: M221
 Office: H117A
Jennifer Foster
 Erika Hamann
 Assistant Professor
 Office: M226
Daniel Kotzin
 Mark Lavatelli
Associate Professor
Office: M224
 Office: M228
Lisa Marsherall
 Samantha Purpora
Associate Professor
 Co-Director of the Honors Program
Office: M023
 Associate Professor
 Office: H118D
Bridgette Slavin
 Alice Villaseñor
Assistant Professor
 Associate Professor
Office: M226
 Office: M209
Andrew Yeager
 Paul Zwirecki
Associate Professor
Office: H118C
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Current Students

Class of 2018

Kaylie Bauer
Marissa Brockway
Clare Christy
Samantha David
Alissa Eckborg
Justice Fagan
Katie Hale
Racheal Hess
Steven Hostinsky
Tyler Ineson
Brianna Kepfer
Lauren Kochner
Courtney Leone
Sarah Lussier
Margaret Mineo
Matthew Ryberg
Nathan Senick-Albanese
Emily Senick
Lindsey Spengler
Sarah Starkweather
Elise- Stempien-Myrick
Patrick Sullivan
Sarah Uschold
Shawne Witte


Class of 2019

Morgan Allen
Kayla Barone
Dorian Billups
Justin Bulega
Diana Burgos
Daniele Card
Sierra Clute
Rachel Duewiger
Matthew Gabalski
Colin Gemerek
Erin Griffin
Megan Hassenbohler
Sarah Hawk
Kimberley Izard
Daniel Joseph
Jannelle Komsonkeo
Monica LaRock
Alex Margarucci
Kimberly Miller
Matthew Morrison
Valerie Mueller
Alyssa Murzynowski
Lindsay Naab
Karalyn Oddy
Charles Panepinto
Andrew Parks
Christina Parsnick
Connor Priester
Elizabeth Reed
Alexi Ruggiero
Katie Schnier
Katleigh Slazyk
Kristine Snyder
Mary Margaret St. Pierre
Mercedes Sulzbach
Jessica Swan
Alexis Trice
Colleen Voigt


Class of 2020

Kellen Adderly
Mitchell Ali
Kaitlyn Antkowiak
Amanda Arnold
Megan Barry
Samuel Beesley
Abigail Blankenship
Caitlin Bruscia
Emma Campagna
Marissa Campbell
Cortney Corroccia
Kaileigh Carroll
Caitlyn Cornish
Cassandra Davern
Matthew Dickerson
Brenton Fischer
Joseph Giroux III
Vittoria Giuseppetti
Amanda Hartman
Harry He
Leah Hoyt
Bransi Jezerski
Dominic Jones
Samantha Klein
James Lang 
Sean Law
Anthony Marafioti
Christine McConnell
Samantha Morcio
Kelsey Naab
Courtney Parrilla
Gregory Power
Caitlin Quinn
Claudio Ramondino
Brandon Roach
Brady Rogers
Hannah Wentland
Lachlan WIlkinson
Hannah Wotjulski
Kaley Zelaski


Class of 2021

Stellani Bechakas
Cullen Becker
Shannon Butler
Lauren Carducci
Melissa Chudinski
Jessica Culbert
Erin Cullen
Brittani Diamond
Makayla Dodge
Sophia Downey
Emma Filipski
Cassidy Flemming
Annamarie Garey
Marissa Gaughan
Haley Graczyk
Thomas Greenhalgh
Olivia Hallstrom
Jessica Helm
Alexa Hoiensahl
Stephanie Hovan
Alecsy Howell
Taryn Humphries
Noah Kenyon
Andrew Kerl
Derek Klemer
Courtney Kline
Jesse Kulesza
Jordan Lux
Shae Messemer
Matthew Micglire
Mohammad Khairul Firas Mohammed Farid
Kismet Mohammed
Grace O'Neil
    Michael Omilian
Abbyleigh Osborne-Jones
Adrianna Paar
    David Pachla
Marissa Pecorella
Alison Pierpaoli
    Claire Purdy
Julia Rinaldi
Brittney Schechterly
    Lindsey Schlager
Amrita Sikder
Alisa Smith
    Megan Strunk
Miranda Van Hout
Daniella Ward
    Justin Weiskerger
Katherine Willet
Alexandra Wilson
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More detailed descriptions of the aims, structure, and policies of the Medaille College Honors Program can be found in the Student Handbook.