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Medaille College’s accounting program puts you on the path to professional and financial success.

Prepare for the Workplace 

Imagine yourself preparing tax reports for a Fortune 500 company and wowing a board of directors with cost savings plans and profit analysis. How do you end up assisting top executives with financial information at the world’s most successful corporations? You research, analyze and prepare account reports at Medaille College. It’s more than reading about how to be a professional accountant in textbooks; you learn by doing at Medaille. 

Accounting students combine a variety of business coursework with real, hands-on experience to become qualified public or private accountants.

  • Quality: The Medaille Advantage is that your education places you in real-world scenarios guided by instructors who are practicing professionals. This prepares you for the career of your dreams. Employers seek out Medaille grads.
  • Options: Get your Bachelor of Science (BS) in Accounting in four years. Sign up for Medaille’s 4+1 program and complete your Master of Science (MS) in Accounting by staying just one extra year. Then sit for the CPA Exam and become a Certified Public Accountant.
  • Connections: Learn real-world skills and knowledge from professors who are established in their field. Put your knowledge to work with two required internships, tailored to your interests and career goals. 

Get ready for the modern workplace by working through full business problems and utilizing the latest industry software. Top off your Medaille education by completing a group capstone project, like writing a business plan for a new company. Employers want to see these skills on your resume. Medaille actively prepares you.

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Go Places 

Medaille grads end up starting their own practices, work at the nation’s most prestigious financial firms and oversee accounts at large companies. Looking to be a corporate accountant? Several businesses have an established relationship with Medaille College. Accounting students have gone on to some of the world’s most successful corporations. You could find yourself performing high-level financial management at places like these:

  • Recommend full financial actions at Rich Products.
  • Lead the accounting staff at Tops and coordinate all aspects of finance.
  • Make sure the financial records at Disney are secure by implementing database backups.
  • Analyze the latest financial trends and forecast futures at HSBC Bank.
  • Track profits and transactions on a global scale by researching reports at Coca-Cola.
  • When someone has a question with ever-changing financial regulations at US Airways, they turn to Medaille graduates.

Is public accounting more your speed? Join other Medaille graduates at prestigious local and regional CPA firms:

  • Develop comprehensive tax strategies at The Bonadio Group.
  • Maximize your clients’ tax credits as a team member at Freed Maxick.
  • Preserve wealth and minimize risk at Gaines, Kriner and Elliott.
  • Represent non-profit organizations as they help the community grow as a CPA at Lumsden & McCormick.

Consider the additional qualification of a Master of Business Administration (MBA) or Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership (MAOL) from Medaille. A degree in accounting from Medaille can lead you anywhere. And if that's not enough, explore the possibility of a degree in one of our other graduate programs


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Live a Life of Opportunity 

Learn in small classes how to take on the world at large. The Medaille experience means that you learn one-on-one with instructors who are professionals in the field. They have years of experience as accountants, CPAs and financial forecasters.

  • Meet Medaille: Professors know each student personally and provide individual guidance. With an average class size of 17, you’re not just a number.
  • Learn by doing: Learn accounting practices through lectures and labs on campus and then apply them in the real world.
  • Get support: You meet regularly with professional academic advisors who ensure that you’re working toward your dream career.
  • Make connections: A growing network of successful alumni can help you find the job you’re looking for.
  • Get noticed: Attend workshops with the Career Planning Center to polish your resume, master the art of interviewing and learn the business etiquette that helps guarantee you a job in the competitive field of accounting.
  • Build your education: Medaille knows that you want the most flexibility and opportunity an accounting program can offer. Some students even work full-time while they finish their master’s degree, and so can you. Medaille’s 4+1 program gets you where you want to go in five years—with two degrees.
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Stay Active 

Everyone needs an accountant, and students quickly find that there’s no shortage of work to be done, and experience to gain, while they are learning to be professionals.

  • The student-run Medaille Accounting Club meets for workshops and invites professional speakers.
  • The SPoT Cafe at the Fourth Floor Commons in the Main Building is run entirely by Medaille accounting and business students. That’s real business experience.
  • Medaille’s own Chief Financial Officer (CFO) employs the help of accounting students.

Medaille College wants to keep you moving. That’s why you can graduate with two degrees, a ton of real-world experience and a world of opportunity at your fingertips. So if you’re interested in a degree in accounting (or two) and eligibility for the CPA Exam, this is the program for you. And if you want to go to school where college meets career, Medaille is your first choice for success.

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Courses & Curriculum 


Bachelor of Science and Master of Science Degrees


Please consult the most recent Undergraduate Academic Catalog, available online at, for the official listing of courses for this program.



Medaille College concentrates on excellence in teaching, with an emphasis on personal attention to its diverse student body. Its curriculum provides a solid liberal arts and sciences foundation with early access to career-oriented education. The faculty and all of those involved in the mission of education challenge students and themselves to the highest possible standards of achievement, but that challenge is balanced by support for every individual student and a concern that each one succeeds.

General Education Core (30 credits)

ENG 110 College Writing (3)

ENG 200 Advanced College Writing (3)

GEN 110 Introduction to Critical Thinking (3)

GEN 220 Justice and Democracy in America (3)

GEN 230 Creative Expression (3)

GEN 240 Scientific Discovery (3)

GEN 410 Baccalaureate Capstone I (3)

GEN 411 Baccalaureate Capstone II (3)

MAT 115 Pre-Calculus or MAT 216 Survey of Introductory Calculus and its Applications (3)

SPE 130 Fundamentals of Public Speaking (3)


Liberal Arts and Sciences Courses (21 credits)

ENG 205 Introduction to Literature OR

ENG 215 Survey of World Literature (3)

ENG 260 Business and Professional Writing (3)

INT 411 Global Leadership (3)

MAT 114 Intermediate Algebra (3)

PHI 300 Ethics (3)

PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology (3)

Liberal Arts and Sciences Elective (3)


Major Requirements (63 credits)

ACC 101 Financial Accounting (3)

ACC 102 Managerial Accounting (3)

ACC 300 Income Tax Accounting (3)

ACC 305 Cost Accounting (3)

ACC 350 Intermediate Accounting I (3)

ACC 351 Intermediate Accounting II (3)

ACC 410 Advanced Accounting (3)

ACC 430 Auditing (3)

ECO 200 Macroeconomics (3)

ECO 201 Microeconomics (3)

ECO 260 Econometrics I (3)

ECO 261 Econometrics II (3)

MGT 175 Management Concepts and Communication (3)

MGT 240 Financial Management (3)

MGT 299 Business Law I (3)

MGT 304 Business Law II (3)

MGT 335 Organizational Behavior (3)

MGT 420 Strategic Management I (3)

MGT 421 Strategic Management II (3)

MIS 240 Management Information Systems (3)

MKT 220 Principles of Marketing (3)


Internships (6 credits)

ACC 377 Field Experience I (3)

ACC 477 Field Experience II (3)

Total Undergraduate (B.S. in Accounting) credits: 120

Graduate Courses (24 credits)

MSA 600 Managerial Economics (3)

MSA 603 Quantitative Methods (3)

MSA 605 Financial Management (3)

MSA 630 Advanced Strategy (3)

MSA 631 Integrative Case Studies (3)

MSA 670 Accounting Theory and Research (3)

MSA 672 Computer Auditing (3)

MSA 673 Advanced Taxation (3)


Graduate Electives (6 credits)

Choose 2 from the following:

MSA 601 Strategic Human Resource Management (3)

MSA 602 Organizational Behavior and Development (3)

MSA 621 Strategic Operations Management (3)

MSA 623 Strategic Marketing (3)


Total Graduate (M.S. in Accounting) credits: 30


Total B.S./M.S. in Accounting credits: 150


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