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Learn how to lead and work effectively in the corporate world. 

Prepare for the Workplace 

You’re a leader and decision maker. When employees need direction they turn to you. You’re a chief executive officer who makes critical policy and strategy resolutions. You’re a business administration major at Medaille College.

Business students at Medaille don’t just learn theory from a book. They gain real-world experience by solving problems. In the business world, a Medaille education helps you climb the corporate ladder.

  • Quality: Accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), the value of your Medaille degree will be recognized everywhere you go. Enter the workplace brimming with confidence because your skills are profitable in any business environment, and you know it.
  • Options: Focus on the increasingly important role of databases, coordination software and networking in business with Medaille’s Management Information Systems (MIS) concentration. Practice your management and leadership skills by tackling simulations, group work and a case-study-based capstone project.
  • Connections: Learn how business really works from faculty members who are true specialists in their fields—MBAs, CPAs and Ph.D.s.
    • Teachers at Medaille aren’t just “teachers.” Your business strategy professor is an organizational consultant for large firms. Your finance professor is an equity analyst at a financial advisory firm.

Medaille College has received specialized accreditation for its business programs through the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE) located at 11374 Strang Line Road in Lenexa, Kansas, USA. The business programs in the following degrees are accredited by the IACBE: 

  • Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership (MAOL) 
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) 
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration 
  • Bachelor of Science in Sport Management 
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
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Go Places 

Gain valuable experience from practitioners, make the right connections and start building your future. Business has no borders, and with a degree in business administration from Medaille, neither do you.

  • Become as worldly as business itself. Medaille encourages its business students to gain international perspective by studying abroad.
    • Medaille partners with schools in China and Korea for international internships. Become a business professional in the global village and specialize in international trade.
  • When you graduate, you have a higher-education degree, broad exposure to the best practices of business administration, and two internships under your belt.
  • Get ready to be a hot commodity at local and national organizations and businesses, performing a variety of managerial duties. Successful Medaille alumni have gone on to:
    • Manage a team of technicians at the Catholic Health System.
    • Maximize profits and reduce losses at First Niagara Financial Group.
    • Direct quality assurance procedures as a supervisor at Kraft Foods.
    • Help future students develop revolutionary consumer products as a professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
    • Develop new marketing strategies for Rich Products.
    • Be an executor of enrollment strategies at Adelphi University.
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Live a Life of Opportunity 

At Medaille, you get personal attention, personal advice and a personalized experience so that when you enter the business world, you end up exactly where you want to be.

  • Interact: Small class sizes guarantee that you’re an active learner and on a first-name basis with your instructors. You’re mentored by a faculty member for one-on-one engagement.
  • Get support: Meet with your professional academic advisor throughout the year to discuss and plan your academics so you reach your career goals.
  • Meet your future colleagues: A network of involved, successful alumni provides you connections across the business world. Alumni participate in classroom panels, campus speaker series and events. Medaille alumni provide you with opportunities for internships and jobs.
  • Get noticed: Ready to land your dream job? The Medaille Career Planning Center hosts workshops and connects you with people in your industry. We’ll make sure your resume is perfect so you can walk in and ace that interview. Medaille also hosts career and job fairs several times a year so you get access to employers and are able to make professional connections. 
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Stay Active 

There are endless ways to get involved at Medaille, but as a business student you have specialized options to gain even more experience.

  • The SPoT coffee on the fourth floor of the Main Building, managed entirely by Medaille business students, gives you the opportunity for a hands-on, full responsibility business experience.
  • Be a member of Collegiate DECA at Medaille. This international business association gives you unique access to internships, scholarships, networking and professional conferences
  • ENACTUS, which hosts national competitions and supports international entrepreneurial projects, also has an established program at Medaille. You’re encouraged to start your own business and get paid for your original ideas.

With so many opportunities for success as a business student, you’re bound for it. Whether you’re an aspiring manager, entrepreneur, analyst or marketeer, you profit from a business education at Medaille, where college meets career.

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Courses & Curriculum 

Business Administration

Bachelor of Science Degree


Please consult the most recent Undergraduate Academic Catalog, available online at, for the official listing of courses for this program.



Medaille College concentrates on excellence in teaching, with an emphasis on personal attention to its diverse student body. Its curriculum provides a solid liberal arts and sciences foundation with early access to career-oriented education. The faculty and all of those involved in the mission of education challenge students and themselves to the highest possible standards of achievement, but that challenge is balanced by support for every individual student and a concern that each one succeeds.

General Education Core (30 credits)

ENG 110 College Writing (3)

ENG 200 Advanced College Writing (3)

GEN 110 Introduction to Critical Thinking (3)*

GEN 220 Justice and Democracy in America (3)

GEN 230 Creative Expression (3)

GEN 240 Scientific Discovery (3)

GEN 410 Baccalaureate Capstone I (3)

GEN 411 Baccalaureate Capstone II (3)

MAT 115 Pre-Calculus or MAT 216 Survey of Introductory Calculus and its Applications (3)

SPE 130 Fundamentals of Public Speaking (3)


Major Requirements (51 credits)

ACC 101 Financial Accounting (3)

ACC 102 Managerial Accounting (3)

ECO 200 Macroeconomics (3)

ECO 201 Microeconomics (3)

ECO 260 Econometrics I (3)

ECO 261 Econometrics II (3)

MGT 175 Management Concepts and Communication (3)

MGT 230 Human Resource Management (3)

MGT 240 Financial Management (3)

MGT 299 Business Law I (3)

MGT 302 Operations Management (3)

MGT 335 Organizational Behavior (3)

MGT 420 Strategic Management I (3)

MGT 421 Strategic Management II (3)

MIS 240 Management Information Systems (3)

MKT 220 Principles of Marketing (3)

MKT 315 Marketing Management and Strategy (3)


Internships (6 credits)

MGT 377 Field Experience I (3)**

MGT 477 Field Experience II (3)**

Liberal Arts and Sciences Courses (18 credits)

ENG 205 Introduction to Literature or

ENG 215 Survey of World Literature (3)

ENG 260 Business and Professional Writing (3)

INT 411 Global Leadership (3)

MAT 114 Intermediate Algebra (3)***

PHI 300 Ethics (3)

PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology (3)


Breadth electives (6 credits)

At least two (2) courses (300/400 level) from those housed in the Division of Management and Leadership (Except SPM, BBA, and BBA-IS designated courses).


Free Electives (9 credits)

May include any College course.


Total 120 credit hours


*Required of first-year students; all other students must substitute a 300/400 level Liberal Arts and Sciences Elective.


**For students with significant business experience, the department offers several options in fulfilling the field experience requirements. Information on these options and waiver applications may be obtained from the department. Waiver applications must be filed at least one semester before implementation according to the following schedule: October 1 for the following Spring semester; March 1 for the following Fall semester.


***Students who meet the math competency must substitute a 300/400 level Liberal Arts and Sciences Elective.

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