Learn how to broadcast yourself and others with a communication degree at Medaille.

Prepare for the Workplace 

You’ve been working toward this moment for most of your professional career. You've earned your way up from marketing intern, to public relations manager and now, partner. As you stand in front of a room full of company executives and begin your advertising pitch for a multimillion dollar account, you think back to where it all began; as a communication major at Medaille College.

Are you interested in digital media production, advertising, public relations or journalism? Then buckle up! Few fields are as fast-paced, exciting and dynamic as the world of communication, and that’s why Medaille gives you as much hands-on experience in the industry as possible before you graduate with your bachelor’s degree.

  • Quality: Your academics stretch beyond the classroom with field trips to local studios, marketing agencies and more.
    • See firsthand how the world of broadcasting news works at Channel 2 WGRZ.
    • Experience how full marketing campaigns are conceptualized and implemented at The Martin Group.
  • Options: Get straight to work with three required internships. That’s three semesters of work experience and connections that last a lifetime all before you even graduate.
    • You can find an opportunity at every local television and radio station, several major sports franchises and a number of local and national PR and advertising firms.
    • Select and shape your placements to meet your career goals.
    • Each internship is different, offering you the broadest exposure to the industry that interests you the most.
    • Want a career in sports information? Be an assistant SID for the Medaille Mavericks.
  • Connections: Medaille’s practitioner faculty are some of the most well-connected media professionals not only in Buffalo, but in the whole country. You learn from experienced communication professionals such as news directors, editors and producers.
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Go Places 

Everyone from the corporate world and government needs people who can communicate effectively. While at Medaille, you actively engage with the local community and develop skills in the field.

  • Design web applications for local sheriffs’ departments and the Buffalo Police Department.
  • Direct social media and advertising for the NFTA.
  • Network at the Buffalo Broadcasters Association BEMA Awards.

And once you join the workforce full-time, you find rewarding careers fulfilling these communication needs. You can find Medaille alumni everywhere. Find yourself in one of these careers:

  • Capture late-breaking developments as a videographer for Time Warner News.
  • Design new advertisements as a marketing representative at Seneca Allegany Casino and Hotel.
  • Provide your audience with the latest updates as an assistant news director for WBFO.
  • Research analytics and develop strategies as Director of Results for Entercom Communications. 
  • Lead as the editor of a national magazine.
  • Publish quarterly reports as Vice President for Corporate Communications at M&T Bank
  • Interact with listeners as you spin the latest tunes as an on-air personality at 103.3 The Edge.
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Live a Life of Opportunity 

Medaille focuses on personal connections. Close relationships among students, professors and alumni is one of the hallmarks of a Medaille education. Medaille students are successful because of the strong bonds they make.

  • Get support: You’re never left to figure your future out on your own. As a member of the Medaille family, you always have a bright mind to turn to for guidance. You get focused, frequent and career-oriented advisement from our professional staff.
  • Meet future colleagues: Looking to meet broadcasting, print and marketing professionals? Attend or present at the annual Media Awards Luncheon.
    • The communication department’s traditional “Freshmen Welcome” and “Senior Recognition” luncheons are great opportunities for mentorship and making professional contacts.
  • Continue to learn: Medaille’s extensive alumni network is always there to help. Alumni are regularly back on campus for panels, workshops and networking, which often results in internships and jobs for Medaille students.
  • Get noticed: Ready to start your career? Medaille’s Career Planning Center offers workshops to sharpen your resume-writing, interviewing skills and teach you professional etiquette so you can land your dream job.
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Stay Active 

In a fast-paced industry like communications, it’s essential to keep moving and stay up-to-date, and Medaille makes sure you remain active with:

So if you’re looking for a personal atmosphere to start your career in a fun, fast and global industry, look no further than Medaille’s communication program. It’s not only where you meet the art of delivering messages, it’s where college meets career.

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Courses & Curriculum 


Bachelor of Science Degree


Please consult the most recent Undergraduate Academic Catalog, available online at, for the official listing of courses for this program.



Medaille College concentrates on excellence in teaching, with an emphasis on personal attention to its diverse student body. Its curriculum provides a solid liberal arts and sciences foundation with early access to career-oriented education. The faculty and all of those involved in the mission of education challenge students and themselves to the highest possible standards of achievement, but that challenge is balanced by support for every individual student and a concern that each one succeeds.

General Education Core (33 credits)

ENG 110 College Writing (3)

ENG 200 Advanced College Writing (3)

GEN 110 Introduction to Critical Thinking (3)*

GEN 220 Justice and Democracy in America (3)

GEN 230 Creative Expression (3)

GEN 240 Scientific Discovery (3)

GEN 410 Baccalaureate Capstone I (3)

GEN 411 Baccalaureate Capstone II (3)

MAT 114 Intermediate Algebra (3)**

MAT 201 Statistics and Society (3)

SPE 130 Fundamentals of Public Speaking (3)


Major Requirements (39 credits)

COM 101 Introduction to Mass Communication (3)

COM 110 Journalism in the Digital Era (3)

COM 130 Survey of Broadcasting: History, Programming and Operations (3)

COM 150 Media Promotions and Marketing (3)

COM 200 Digital Media Production (3)

COM 211 Mass Media Writing (3)

COM 300 Introduction to Communication Theory (3)

COM 311 Social Media Strategies (3)

COM 355 Theory of Media Criticism (3)

COM 400 Communication Law and Ethics (3)

COM 475 Media and Society Seminar (3)

COM (Any) Communication Elective (3)

COM (300/400) Communication Elective (3)


Internships (12 Credits)

COM 277 Field Experience I (3)

COM 377 Field Experience II (3)

COM 477 Field Experience III (6)

Liberal Arts and Sciences Courses (24 credits)

Liberal Arts and Science electives (choose any three LAS courses) (9 credits)

300/400 level Liberal Arts and Science electives (choose two LAS courses) (6 credits)

PHI 200 Logic or PHI 300 Ethics (3)

SPE 315 Advanced Public Speaking (3)

HIS (Any) History Elective (3)


Free Electives (12 credits)

May include any College course.


Total 120 credit hours


*Required of first-year students; all other students must substitute a 300/400 level Liberal Arts and Sciences Elective.


**Students who meet the math competency must substitute a Liberal Arts and Sciences Elective.



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