Learn valuable communication, critical thinking and writing skills. And learn what it means to be human. 

Prepare for the Workplace 

Deadlines are tight because your editor wants the final 50 pages of your novel. On top of your freelance editorial work, you need to deliver the most brilliant story you’ve ever written. But as a creative thinker who’s also extremely organized, you’re prepared for anything. And what’s even better, since you majored in English at Medaille College, you can do anything.

Writing skills and a creative mind are some of the most valued assets in the workplace. Medaille students of English are among the most well-positioned to succeed in any number of careers.

  • Quality: Medaille teaches you creative and technical writing, which leads to careers in industries such as advertising, publishing, broadcasting and law
  • Options: Enhance your work skills and explore your interests with an internship at one of many local publishers or literary and cultural centers. Medaille puts you in places like these:
    • Learn the fast pace of periodical publication with ArtVoice or Buffalo Spree.
    • Plan for literary events at Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center, Just Buffalo Literary Center, Buffalo Olmstead Parks Conservancy or the WNY Book Arts Collaborative.
    • Get real publishing experience with Slope Editions and Prometheus Books.
  • Connections: The faculty at Medaille is extremely accomplished in their professional achievements and experience. Learn how to weave narratives from published authors or how to research your subjects from practicing journalists.
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Go Places 

Majoring in English at Medaille prepares you for what comes next. Medaille English graduates go on to be published authors and esteemed journalists, but many students have found promising careers in other industries as well. English prepares you for any number of interesting careers.

  • Oversee marketing campaigns as a creative director at an advertising agency.
  • Handle sensitive materials as the research coordinator and project developer for medical documents.
  • Contribute to the education and literacy of young people as a librarian or information scientist.

But don’t be fooled! With an English degree from Medaille, you can go anywhere. Pursuing a Master of Fine Arts is a popular option as well. Consider the prestigious graduate schools some Medaille students have attended:

  • New York University
  • University of Massachusetts - Boston
  • University of Pittsburgh
  • Emerson College
  • University of Illinois
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Live a Life of Opportunity 

The range of experiences and options available to you as an English major at Medaille is unparalleled. Preparing you for your future, our faculty treat you like an emerging professional and a future colleague. Here are just a few of the opportunities and resources available at Medaille:

  • Go international: Medaille English students can travel the world through global internships and study abroad programs.
    • Medaille has an exchange program with Kyungpook National University in South Korea.
    • Enhance your international experience by interning at EZ Mandarin of WNY.
    • Find many more international opportunities at the International Institute of Buffalo (IIB).
  • Interact: Small class sizes at Medaille mean you’re more than just a number. It means you learn by doing. Much of your learning is hands-on and in the form of class discussions, debates and community involvement.
  • Gain a head start: Incoming freshmen are assigned enriching summer reading assignments. These reading selections are incorporated into the curriculum throughout the semester. You also get to participate in panel discussions with the authors of your assigned reading materials.
  • Succeed: You’re assigned a faculty mentor and spend one-on-one time with them mapping out your future career plans. Academic advisors are always available and make it extremely easy to register for the classes that get you to graduation day the quickest.
  • Get noticed: Craft the perfect resume and ace your interview by attending workshops hosted by the Medaille Career Planning Center. You get all the help you need to land your dream job.
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Stay Active 

Creative minds are active minds. Every day presents an opportunity to engage with your Medaille peers and the broader community. Have you considered joining one of Medaille’s many student clubs?

  • Creative writers get the support they need through Medaille’s Prelude. Test your creative writing skills and learn how to publish.
  • Art and Photo Club broadens your creative horizons, and provides the opportunity for creative expression in the visual arts.
  • Hone your journalistic approach as a reporter at the student newspaper, the Perspective.

Crave even more exposure to the creative arts? Throughout the year, Medaille’s Write Thing Reading Series invites Pulitzer Prize winners, National Book Award finalists and some of the most renowned writers of today so you can meet them and hear their stories. So start writing your own story at Medaille, where college meets career.

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Courses & Curriculum 


Bachelor of Arts Degree


Please consult the most recent Undergraduate Academic Catalog, available online at http://www.medaille.edu/academics/academic-catalogs, for the official listing of courses for this program.



Medaille College concentrates on excellence in teaching, with an emphasis on personal attention to its diverse student body. Its curriculum provides a solid liberal arts and sciences foundation with early access to career-oriented education. The faculty and all of those involved in the mission of education challenge students and themselves to the highest possible standards of achievement, but that challenge is balanced by support for every individual student and a concern that each one succeeds.

General Education Core (33 credits)

ENG 110 College Writing (3)

ENG 200 Advanced College Writing (3)

GEN 110 Introduction to Critical Thinking (3)

GEN 220 Justice and Democracy in America (3)

GEN 230 Creative Expression (3)

GEN 240 Scientific Discovery (3)

GEN 410 Baccalaureate Capstone I (3)

GEN 411 Baccalaureate Capstone II (3)

MAT 114 Intermediate Algebra (3)*

MAT 201 Statistics and Society (3)

SPE 130 Fundamentals of Public Speaking (3)


Major Requirements (30 credits)

ENG 205 Introduction to Literature (3)

ENG 210 Introduction to Creative Writing (3)

ENG 215 Introduction to World Literature (3)

ENG 305 British Literature: Middle Ages to the Eighteenth Century (3)

ENG 315 British Literature: Late Eighteenth Century through the Twentieth Century (3)

ENG 325 American Literature: Colonial to the Civil War (3)

ENG 335 American Literature: Civil War through the Twentieth Century (3)

ENG 365 Ethnic Literature in America (3)

ENG 435 Major Literary Figures (3)

ENG 460 Literary Theory & Criticism: English Seminar (3)


Major Electives (9 credits)

Choose one (1) of the following:

ENG 300 Fiction Workshop (3)

ENG 310 Poetry Workshop (3)

ENG 320 Drama Workshop (3)

ENG 477 English Field Experience (3)


Choose two (2) of the following:

ENG 345 Film Art and Appreciation (3)

ENG 355 Major Literary Forms (3)

ENG 405 Themes and Topics in American Literature (3)

ENG 415 Themes and Topics in British Literature (3)

ENG 425 Themes and Topics in World Literature (3)


Liberal Arts and Sciences Courses (15 credits)

FRE 101 Elementary French I or SPA 101 Elementary Spanish I (3)

FRE 102 Elementary French II or SPA 102 Elementary Spanish II (3)

HUM 300 The Arts in Society (3)

PHI 170 Issues in Philosophy (3)

PHI 200 Logic (3)


Liberal Arts and Sciences Electives (15 credits)

Choose three (3) 100-200 level courses from the following: Any APY, ART, BIO, CHE, CHI, ECO, ENG, GEO, HIS, HUM, LNG, MAT, MMS, MUS, PHI, PHY, POL, PSY, SSC, SOC, THE.

Choose two (2) 300-400 level courses from the following: Any APY, ART, BIO, CHE, CHI,ECO, ENG, GEO, HIS, HUM, LNG, MAT, MMS, MUS, PHI, PHY, POL, PSY,SSC, SOC, THE.


Free Electives (18 credits; or, 6 credits with optional concentration)

May include any college course.


Optional Concentrations: Creative Writing or Professional Writing (12 credits)

English majors who choose to pursue a formal concentration in either Creative Writing or Professional Writing will use twelve (12) of their free elective credits to fulfill the concentration requirements.


Creative Writing

ENG 477 English Field Experience (3)

ENG 400 Senior Portfolio (3)

Choose two (2) of the following (6 credits):

ENG 300 Fiction Workshop (3)

ENG 310 Poetry Workshop(3)

ENG 320 Drama Workshop (3)

ENG 498 Independent Study in Writing (3)


Professional Writing

ENG 260 Business and Professional Writing (3)

ENG 360 Advanced Report and Proposal Writing (3)

ENG 477 English Field Experience (3)

COM 200 Digital Media Production (3)


Total 120 credit hours


* Students who meet the math competency must substitute a Free Elective.



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