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The Medaille College logo, with the three “windows” and text, was introduced in 2006, with significant revisions in 2010. All materials, print or electronic, published by Medaille College should include the logo as described in this policy.

Consistent use of the logo is an integral part of our brand identity. As a general rule, the windows logo is used for promotional purposes and the College seal is used for academic purposes (diplomas, certificates, academic awards, etc).

The Medaille College logo should be used on college publications, advertising, promotional materials, stationary, business cards, etc. produced for College use. In all instances, this material is reviewed and approved in advance, before materials are printed, by the College Relations Office.
The Medaille College logo may be used for other materials with approval from the College Relations Office.

The “windows” logo has three separate versions: horizontal standard, stacked, and vertical. When using the logo in any media – print, web, advertising, promotional material, signage - the full logo must be used, without altering proportion, eliminating text, changing fonts, changing colors, or adding elements.

The font used in the logo is Interstate. The use of the windows without the Wordmark, or the Wordmark without the windows, is an improper use of the logo. Due to licensing restrictions, this font cannot be made available to all campus offices.
At its discretion, the College Relations Office may alter the logo to meet the specific needs of individual departments.

In all instances, the color logo should be as follows:

a. Coated Stock
i. PMS 541 (Wordmark)
ii. PMS 123 (Yellow – center window)
iii. Tints 70% (right window) & 40% (left window)

b. Uncoated Stock
i. PMS 2945 (Wordmark)
ii. PMS 115 (Yellow – center window)
iii. Tints 70% (right window) & 40% (left window)

Use of 1-color versions of the logo may include using the PMS blue (or black for b/w pieces) with the corresponding tints, and eliminating the color in the center window. When tinting or percentages of color are not available, the windows may be printed in 100% of the color being used.

Additional concerns will be addressed as needed by the College Relations Office.
When used on a dark background, the wordmark may be printed in white. Please contact the College Relations Office.

The use of these logos is restricted to Medaille College staff and faculty with legitimate purposes for using the logo in their communications, and to vendors with permission of the college. Please contact Carla Kestner at carla.f.kestner@medaille.edu for more information.

Style Guide

Please refer to the Medaille Style Guide PDF when writing text for use in College publications. 

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