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First time freshmen, transfer students and students who wish to apply for associate or bachelor’s degree programs.

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Students who wish to apply for master’s degree programs or advanced certifications.

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Students who wish to apply for our online-only degree programs.

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Undergraduate Programs

First-time freshmen and transfer students looking for the full on-campus college experience.

Adult and Graduate Programs

Working professionals and adults who've been out of school for a while, looking to advance their careers.

Online Programs

Students looking to earn a degree entirely online.

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Undergraduate Programs

High school students and transfer students who want to enroll in day classes at the Buffalo campus.

Adult and Graduate Programs

Adult learners applying to our undergraduate or graduate degree programs at either our Buffalo or Rochester campuses.

Online Programs

Adult learners applying to our online undergraduate or graduate degree programs.


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Are you looking for that perfect job?  Do you need help landing it?  Our Career Planning office has the tools you need to get noticed.  

Maverick Jobs

Welcome to Maverick Jobs!

These services are available to Medaille students, alumni and for employers.

You must register in order to use our services. Once registered, you may:

  • Search for jobs targeted to Medaille College.
  • Upload your resume and if you choose, allow access to employers
  • Review your job search history.
  • Receive e-mails about programs, services and job-related topics.

Register and access your account at College Central.

Note: Make sure you let the college send you emals or we wont be able to contact you regarding jobs!

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What is a Resumé?

A resumé is a personal advertisement of you. It is a summary of your educational background and training, your business or professional experience and qualifications, your achievements and objective.

Medaille College's Career Planning Office is excited to offer Optimal Resume™, a resumé development program that allows students to develop an effective document for their job or internship search.

Create your resumé with Optimal Resume™

Resume Builder logoOptimal Resume™ is available to current Medaille students. You will need your email address to register. Services are available up until 6 months after graduation. Please ensure that graduation dates in your profile are up-to-date.

  • Over 100 Resume samples
  • Resumé Builder
  • Resumé Review Center
  • Scheduled Webinars

Download our Writing for Work Handbook for more information regarding resumé and cover letter writing.

For students applying for teaching positions, refer to the teacher's sample resumé and additional Information for teachers.

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Cover Letters

Cover letters are a means of introduction. They are meant to complement your resume and are required with each and every resume you send out.

Together, a well-crafted resume and cover letter present you effectively to an employer. A cover letter makes it clear you want the job. It not only summarizes your qualifications and targets them toward an employer's needs, it also takes your resume, a rather formal document, and personalizes it.

Download our Writing for Work Handbook for more information regarding resume and cover letter writing.

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Whether you are interviewing for an internship, career, or entrance into a graduate program, the interview process can be very stressful.

It is the first (and sometimes only) impression you have to make on the company or organization you wish to work for. Preparation is the key to a successful interview. It can be the determining factor to whether or not you get an offer.

Download our Interviewing Handbook for more information.

Interview Checklist:

  • Requested a full job description

  • Performed an analysis of my strengths and weaknesses

  • Researched the organization

  • Contacted people I know who work for the organization

  • Rehearsed common interview questions

  • Researched the interviewers

  • Have a list of questions to ask

  • Have a general idea of the salary

  • Have appropriate interview attire

  • Reviewed my social networking sites

  • Know exactly where I'm going :

    • physically (driving directions)

    • career (long- term plans)

  •  I'm energetic, excited and well rested


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    Social Media


    Facebook marketplace
    Facebook job app
    Monster’s Facebook app. “Be Known”
    “Branch Out” for career networking
    Career Builder
    Career Friend
    “Hire My Friend”
    Like the pages of companies you want to work for 
    Update your status with your current situation and get feedback from friends


    LinkedIn Job Search Engine
    “Jobs You May Be Interested In”
    “Discover Jobs in Your Network”



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    Graduate School

    What is Graduate School?

    Graduate school is professional education beyond a bachelor's degree. Masters degrees are available in a great many fields of study, and usually require 36 credit hours to complete. These courses can be taken over a period of approximately two years of full time study, or four to five years of part-time study.



    • Research areas of interest, institutions and programs.
    • Talk to advisors about application requirements.
    • Register and prepare for graduate admission tests.
    • Investigate national scholarships.
    • If appropriate, obtain letters of recommendation.


    • Take required graduate admission test.
    • Write for application materials.
    • Visit institution of interest, if possible.
    • Write your application essay.
    • Check on application deadlines and rolling admissions policy.


    • Obtain letters of recommendation.
    • Take graduate admissions test if you haven't already.
    • Send in completed applications.


    • Register for Financial Aid.
    • Check with school to make sure application is complete.
    • Send Deposit
    • Send Thank-You letters to people who wrote your recommendation letters, informing them of your success.
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    Suggested Online Resources by Major

    Search jobs then look inside. Company salaries, reviews, interview questions, and more - all posted anonymously by employees and job seekers


    Medaille College - Employers by Major

    Accounting 129,667
    Actuarial Science 239,173
    Advertising 51,848
    Animal Science 186,263
    Biochemistry 27,108
    Biology 38,232
    Business Management 814,648
    Communications & Media Studies 166,345
    Computer Science 138,101
    Criminal Justice 67,535
    Education 211,714
    English 266,399
    Finance 216,275
    Healthcare Management 13,262
    Human Development & Family Studies 158,356
    Human Resource Management 26,880
    International Business 19,071
    Journalism 68,704
    Management Information Systems 71,660
    Marketing 62,779
    Mathematics 223,968
    Microbiology 19,242
    Psychology 51,735
    Public Finance & Taxation 8,418
    Public Relations 8,814
    Social Work 370,697
    Sports Management 103,889
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    Other Majors

    African American Studies 22,610
    Agricultural Business Management 42,280
    American Sign Language 1,055
    Anthropology 5,534
    Archaeology 5,107
    Architecture 41,682
    Art & Fine Arts 48,850
    Asian Studies 9,041
    Astronomy & Astrophysics 510
    Aviation Management 20,422
    Biophysics 13,288
    Botany & Plant Science 40,845
    Business Analytics 55,607
    Chemistry 44,251
    Cinematography 32,569
    Classical Studies 30,199
    Cognitive Science 7,581
    Comparative Literature 49,636
    Construction Management 49,109
    Dance 20,894
    Data Science 6,057
    Drama, Theater & Visual Arts 44,114
    eBusiness 23,539
    Ecology 28,032
    Economics 8,556
    Entertainment Management 8,551
    Entrepreneurship 3,462
    Environmental Studies 23,995
    Equine Studies 7,902
    Fashion Merchandising 195,911
    Forensic Science 3,733
    Forestry & Natural Resources 30,232
    Genetics & Genomics 2,213
    Geography 13,384
    Geology & Earth Science 10,617
    Graphic Design & Commercial Art 43,799
    History 232,905
    Hotel Management 36,529
    Industrial Design 3,668
    Interior Design 48,691
    International Affairs 4,280
    Kinesiology & Exercise Science 121,909
    Labor Relations 41,587
    Landscape Architecture 29,293
    Language Studies 17,813
    Library Science 26,057
    Linguistics 12,702
    Logistics & Supply Chain Mgmt 50,307
    Marine Science 3,999
    Meteorology & Atmospheric Science 4,732
    Middle Eastern Studies 5,001
    Music 28,627
    Photography 99,418
    Physics 15,014
    Political Science 76,839
    Public Health 10,769
    Public Policy 82,302
    Real Estate 710,490
    Religion 381,217
    Restaurant Management 132,346
    Retail Management 152,318
    Risk Management 97,255
    Science & Technology Management 67,243
    Statistics 45,737
    Surveying 16,496
    Urban Planning 14,876
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