Copyright Policy

Two female Medaille students studying in a dorm room

Medaille College is committed to adhering to all requirements of the United States Copyright Law.

This policy is intended to serve as a guide so that copyrighted material can be legally used in all aspects of the Medaille College Mission.  While this is not an attempt to completely analyze the entire code, it does outline aspects of the code that are most likely to impact the use of copyrighted material in a not-for-profit educational setting.

Copyright Law

The Copyright Law of the United States is codified in Title 17 of the U.S. Code. The obvious purpose of Copyright Law is to prevent unauthorized reproduction of original works of authorship, including works of art, drama, literature, music and other intellectual efforts.  There are however, two commonly used provisions that permit the use of copyrighted material to be used in an educational setting.

Intellectual Property

Medaille College supports the scholarly activities of its faculty and students.  In an effort to promote the College, as well as protect the work of scholars, the following policy on intellectual property was developed:

I'm grateful for the education I've received.

The instructors were knowledgeable and welcomed class discussions, with
respect for each student's contribution. I've learned how to be a more
effective leader. My capstone class gave insight on how to combine all
the education learned to operate a business. That's when I realized how
much I had sharpened my knowledge.

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