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Medaille Student Khadija Osman
March 22, 2012

Heather BoyzuckHeather Boyzuck doesn’t just like lacrosse. An avid player since the eighth grade, it would be fair to say that the biology major has a serious love of the game. The All-American athlete has started for the women’s lacrosse team since her first year at Medaille. Her drive to excel on the field led to an adventure overseas, as she travelled more than 4,000 miles away to play in Prague, Czech Republic over the summer. 

In 2010, Boyzuck’s coach Sarah McCabe received an email from American International Sports Teams. The Kansas City, MO-based organization educates athletes and promotes cross-cultural communication through sports, looking for talented athletes at all levels to serve as ambassadors in a number of programs. Taking note of Boyzuck’s abilities, the group showed their interest in having the Mexico, New York native join a group of college athletes for a rapid-fire tournament in Europe.

After spending three days touring Munich, Germany and getting acquainted with the other participants, Boyzuck’s team travelled to the Czech Republic and played for four days against teams comprised of players from around the world.

"Being invited to play the sport you love overseas is a fantastic opportunity that I feel very lucky to have taken part in," said Boyzuck. Yet, while assimilating into her group was quite easy, adjusting to the style of play used by foreign athletes, as well as the approach to the game taken by referees was more of a challenge. Despite the pace of the trip and tournament, Boyzuck says she enjoyed her time spent abroad and would recommend that those afforded the opportunity to compete in such a unique manner take full advantage.               

- Kevin Bates

This content originally appeared in the winter 2011-12 issue of the Medaille Magazine.

photo by Kara Kane


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