Dean's List Announced for Springs 2012

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Dr. Mulvey works with two students
May 21, 2012

Medaille College has named the following students to its Dean’s List for non-traditional Fall 2011 term that ended in late April 2012 at its Amherst and Rochester Campuses. Students who take a minimum of 12 credit hours and who earn a grade point average of 3.5 or higher for all credit hours carried during that semester are placed on the Dean’s List.

Melaney Agahiu

Ronald Aikin

Joshua Allen

Joan Anderson

Carmelina Arnone

Arushanda Artis

Annette Austin

Katherine Baird

Barbara Balk

Angela Barbata

Julie Bobo

Charles Bohall

Adam Boone

Leandra Braham

Charles Brant

Patrick Brenda

Ronald Brennan

Sarah Burke

Myles Carter

Janine Chapman

Jessica Clemons

Di' Anna Cooper

Thomas Costelloe

Renita DiStefano

Mark Erickson

Dennis Fancher

Ronald Fermo

Dena Fisher

Amanda Foster

Kelly Frank

Debra Friedmann

Renee Gauthier

John Girdlestone

Tiffany Hallenbeck

Jonathan Hayes

Noel Honchar

Scott Hornyak

Jill Hubble

Mark Hudson

Deanna Hughes

Marsha Hutchinson

Dawn Jackson

Natalie Jackson

Cheryl Jensen

Monique Johnson

Jonathan Jones

Lisa Kehoe

William Kelly

Eric Kibler

Tanya Knope

John Kolaski

Elizabeth Kowal

Roman Kowal

Dawn Kruger

Shawn Lacey

Brian LaPlante

Amy Larrabee

Brittany Lawrence

Thomas Lenard

Michael Lichtenberger

Derrick Lichtenberger

Anthony Manfredi

Pamela Marchetti

Joseph Martell

Andrea Mayer

Patricia McGee

Christopher Midecke

Robert Miller Jr

Jason Minorczyk

Paula Modaffari

Alfred Moskal Jr

Daniel Muench

Sara Nigro

Kyle Obear

Carol Opera

Bradley Orluk

Josephine Panepinto

Kristal Payne-Bellamy

Gina Pellitieri

Lori Phelan

Steven Plant

Alexandra Plesh

Kimberly Podpora

Angelica Pollina

Kylie Punturiero

Joseph Ranous

Leland Repp

Ricardo Reyes Novoa

Stacey Richards

Ernest Robbins III

Jeffrey Rogers

Rosita Rosa

Amy Rossi

Carrie Roth

Jennifer Sage

Michael Samuel

Jillian Saucke

Josiah Schauman

Sherry Schlenker

Kathryn Schmidt

Dawn Scott-Iverson

Stephanie Searley

Jill Serio

Lynn Shah

Kimberly Simmons

David Sims

Kenneth Skender

Joanne Spano

Matthew Speziale

David Stablewski

Sharon Stanley

Douglas Stoll

David Strauss

Wendy Sweeney

Jillian Taylor

Pamela Torrales

Meghan Trim

Megan Tuczynski

Cheryl Turner

Robert Tyler

Wesley Urban

Kelly Van Duser

Miosotis Villa

Lindsay Volk

Latrese Walker

Theresa Wells

Adam Whitbeck

Michelle Wisniewski

Ayana Younger

Andrew Zimmer

I'm grateful for the education I've received.

The instructors were knowledgeable and welcomed class discussions, with
respect for each student's contribution. I've learned how to be a more
effective leader. My capstone class gave insight on how to combine all
the education learned to operate a business. That's when I realized how
much I had sharpened my knowledge.

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