The Registrar's Office is located at the Buffalo Campus, on the first floor of the Main Building (M133).

Office hours:
Monday – Thursday: 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Friday:     8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Contact us:   716.880.2366  /  2365     or 

The Office of the Registrar is responsible for maintaining academic transcript records for all current students, past students and alumni.  Students may request transcripts through the Registrar's Office regardless of when they attended.  Transcripts are issued from the Buffalo Campus only. 

  • If using the Transcript Request Form, you MUST SIGN to authorize release of your transcript
  • First transcript requested is free of charge. Any transcript requested after is $5.00 for regular processing
  • Regular processing typically takes 2-3 business days
  • There is a $20 rush fee for transcripts needed the same day
  • All financial, academic, and student life holds must be cleared before transcripts can be released

Current Students

For Unofficial Transcripts:

Current students can access their unofficial transcripts through MedailleOne:

  • Login to MedailleOne (if you do not know your user ID or password, the Help Desk (716-880-2282) can walk you through set-up or reset the password
  • Click on:
    • Student services tab
    • Student records
  • Select "Academic Transcript"
    • Transcript level can remain at "all"
    • Transcript type will always be "unofficial"
    • Click "submit"
  • Use the print option from the file menu to print your unofficial Medaille transcript

For Official Transcripts:

Current students can request their official transcripts directly through MedailleOne:

  •  For detailed instructions, click here.

Current students may also request their transcript by filling out the Transcript Request Form and mailing, faxing, or scanning and emailing it back to us by using the information at the bottom of the form.

Past Students and Alumni

For Official or Unofficial Transcripts:

Student no longer enrolled at Medaille and alumni may request transcripts by filling out the Transcript Request Form and mailing, faxing, or scanning and emailing it back to us by using the information at the bottom of the form.

*PLEASE BE SURE TO SIGN YOUR FORM* We cannot release your transcripts without your signature authorizing us to do so.

Copies of Transcripts from Other Institutions

Medaille College does not release copies of other institutions’ transcripts.  It is necessary to obtain transcripts directly from the original institution. This includes both college/university and high school transcripts.
Transcripts and all documentation of academic history from other institutions submitted to Medaille College become the property of Medaille College and cannot be returned to students or forwarded to other institutions.  Once received, all academic documents are retained by the Registrar’s Office. Federal policy (FERPA) states that a student has the right to view documents in his or her file. However, the College is not required to provide (or allow the making of) copies of such documents.

Medaille College, along with most colleges and universities, has a policy prohibiting the release of copied academic documentation from other institutions. Stated below are the following reasons behind this policy and common practice:

  1. Academic documents from another institution reflect a student’s academic record at that institution at a particular time (like a snapshot) and might be incomplete.  The record may have been added to or changed by the issuing institution after the time of receipt by Medaille College.
  2. Current, complete, accurate, and official student records are issued by the transcripting institution. It is a common preference that entities receiving and reviewing academic documents should always reference official academic documents, not copies.
  3. Medaille College has no way of knowing whether a student wishes to use a copy of a transcript from another institution to avoid having others see grades or information which may be considered negative ( incomplete grades, low grades, etc.).  Students may have an account balance at the issuing institution and may therefore be prevented from obtaining an official transcript until such obligations are met. As a professional courtesy, Medaille College honors the desire of issuing institutions to have official academic documents obtained directly from issuing institutions. Medaille College requests that other institutions refrain from releasing copies of Medaille College transcripts/academic documents found in their student files.
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