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Includes crime prevention, security procedures, policies, crime reports, and fire safety policies and reports.
Hard copies of these reports are available from the Public Safety office, 2 Agassiz Circle or by calling (716) 880-2911

The College's Public Safety Office is located in the house at 2 Agassiz Circle and its primary responsibility is to work proactively with students, faculty and College departments to identify, reduce and remove the opportunity for crime and criminal activity before it occurs.

Public Safety Officers patrol campus buildings, grounds, parking lots and facilities, control traffic and parking as necessary, and are responsible for the safety and security of the College community.

Student identification cards and parking permits are available at this office as well as information and literature to assist in preventing crime and victimization. Anyone encountering safety or security issues, or observing criminal activity, should report it immediately to the Public Safety Office. The Public Safety Office phone number is: (716) 880-2911.

Medaille College annually supplies a security report containing statistics, policies, and a description of programs that promote campus safety. A copy of this report is available to all prospective students and employees, and may be requested by contacting the Admissions Office, the Student Affairs Office, or the Public Safety Office.

A copy of the Campus Crimes Statistics report is available at the Web site of the U.S. Department of Education.

Staying Safe on Campus

The Campus Crime Watch Team has composed some tips for staying safe.

Staying safe is everyone’s responsibility When you leave your office, do not leave your door propped open or unlocked for any reason. Do not make it easier for the wrong person to enter your office. Thefts can occur anywhere at anytime. So, close those propped doors immediately and report repeat problems to Public Safety.

Report the presence of strangers. Whether they’ve gained access to a campus building, are hanging around or are exhibiting questionable behavior---you should call Public Safety immediately at 716-880-2911.

To help prevent injury and property damage while also keeping fellow faculty and staff safe, take a few minutes to report seemingly "little things" like:

  • slippery floors
  • water leaks
  • broken glass
  • missing window screens
  • burned out lights
  • broken doors or furniture
  • emergency equipment not working

Report it

When reporting an incident, think like a reporter: Focus on who, what, where, when and how.

When describing an incident:

  • stay objective
  • keep things in chronological order
  • share where you were located

When describing a person:

  • notice permanent features-hair color, height, facial structure, build, etc.-rather than clothes
  • share special characteristics-injuries, tattoos, piercings or birthmarks.

Campus Public Safety Department 716-880-2911

Contact Public Safety

2911 on campus

(716) 880-2911
2 Agassiz Circle

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