Smoke-Free Areas and Designated Smoking Areas


The College has implemented smoke-free areas and designated smoking areas.

The designated smoking areas will be as follows:

  • The gazebo between the Campus Center and Main building
  • Behind the Admissions building
  • Between Downey Science and Huber (underneath the catwalk)
  • The north end of the North Residence Hall (facing the rear of the Humboldt Houses)
  • Between 2 Agassiz and 73 Humboldt (Humboldt side driveway).

Please refer to the special map of campus PDF with smoking areas clearly marked.

The Designated smoking areas will have brown trash cans and smoking urns and will be marked with a green and white Designated Smoking Area signs.

The Smoke-Free areas (all other areas of the Campus) will be marked with grey and red signs that read Smoke-Free Area.

Public Safety Officers will monitor all Smoke-Free Areas and enforce the new smoking policy beginning August 22, 2005.

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