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These are the answers to Residence Life’s most frequently asked questions.

What is intervisitation?
Intervisitation is the practice of allowing a resident to have a visitor within his/her immediate living area during specific times of the day or night, any day of the week. Non-residents must register at the main desk of the RHAC between the hours of 9:00 pm through 2:00 am Sunday to Thursday and 9:00 pm through 2:00 am Friday through Saturday. The host resident is responsible for the conduct of the visitor at all times.

Why did I get assigned to a triple room?
Due to the popularity of living on campus, and the unprecedented demand for housing, many first-year resident students will be housed in triple-occupancy rooms in the South Residence Hall. These rooms will be equipped with three complete sets of furniture (bed, desk, dresser, chair and wardrobe). Each room will be wired to allow every student to have individual internet access. Triple rooms are billed at a discounted rate.

How are the residences staffed?
All residential units are staffed with Resident Assistants, who are para-professional members of the Housing and Residence Life staff, and a Residence Director, a full-time staff person. Other employees working in the residences include the maintenance staff and student employees. More >>

What is "programming" in the residence halls?
The Resident Student Council and Resident Assistants are responsible for planning many educational and social activities for the resident students. These programs give you the opportunity to meet new people, become acquainted with some of the resources we have and give you a chance to relax and enjoy yourself. Some of the programming projects have been "Starflix" make your own video, Bingo Night, Zap Attack (outdoor laser tag), Drive-in Movie, and Wacky Olympics.

Are there storage facilities on campus?
Yes, storage areas are provided in each residence. Trunks, footlockers, suitcases, etc., are to be placed in the luggage rooms when you register into the residences. There is no summer storage on campus.

Can I decorate my room?
Yes, decorations on the walls make your room look more like home, but we ask your cooperation in following the procedures below when decorating your room. Failure to follow these regulations may result in damage charges at the end of the year. All pictures, bulletin boards, posters, shelves, and other decorations must be hung with fun tack. Do not place decals or adhesive plaques on doors, walls, woodwork or vinyl. Do not use any type of tape, nails, etc. on walls.

What should residents bring to campus?
Rooms are equipped with beds, desks, desk chairs, closets, dressers, mirrors, wastebaskets, window shades and floor lamps. Residents wishing to bring draperies must make sure they are fire retardant. If you bring your own refrigerator it cannot exceed a maximum size of 4 cu. ft., it must be U.L. approved, hermetically sealed, and have a drawing power of 4/10 amp. when running. Other items to bring include a pillow, bedding, towels, laundry basket, key ring, bath bucket, hangers, alarm clock, toiletries, flashlight, umbrella, desk lamp, stamps, quarters, throw rugs and decorations for the room. Standard size twin sheets will fit the bed provided for you. The exchange of e-mails or letters between prospective roommates regarding accessories can be a valuable medium for exploring preferences and interests.

For more information, please view our first-year student checklist.

Can I bring my computer?
Yes, you can bring your computer, printer, TV, and stereo system. Computers are also available to students at various campus locations. Ethernet access is also available in all residence halls. Ethernet access is provided for each resident student through the College's T-3 line. Visit the Information Technology office for details.

Do I have to be on the campus meal plan?
Yes, all students residing in campus residences are required by college policy to participate. Meal plan options are as follows: 19 meals per week ($200 declining balance) is required by all first-time freshmen. 15 meals per week ($400 declining balance). 10 meals per week ($400 declining balance). The College's dining facilities are managed by Chartwell's Dining and Catering Services, a firm specializing in providing high quality service.

Do you supply phones for our room?
No. You have immediate access to on-campus and local telephone numbers upon arrival to your room. All telephones lines are automatically equipped with voice mail. This service is provided free of charge, however, long distance service must be established separately. We are currently in the process of contracting with a provider for long distance service. You will receive information to the start of the semester regarding long distance service, once a contract has been established. Free cable access is also available in each student room per bed.

What kinds of appliances are allowed in Residence Hall rooms?
All electrical appliances such as lamps, radios, and televisions must be U.L. approved. No heating or cooking equipment, with the exception of small microwaves, are to be used in student rooms for reasons of safety, health, and sanitation. In addition, halogen lamps are not permitted in resident student rooms/apartments. Appliances not approved for use in student rooms will be removed.

Can I have a pet?
Because of the health hazard, under no circumstances are residents allowed to have pets in their rooms. Fish tanks for small fish are allowed and students may use water circulators to keep tanks clean. Sea turtles are not permitted.

Can I bring a bike to school?
Yes, but bicycles should be stored in bike racks near the residences. Bikes are not allowed in hallways, walkways or student rooms. Bikes found in any of these areas will be removed. Winter bike storage is not available.

Are there times when students have to be quiet on the floors?
Quiet hours are in effect in all residences from 11:00 pm through 7:00 am Sunday through Thursday, and 12:00 am to 7:00 am Friday and Saturday. Courtesy hours are 24 hours per day. This does not mean that you can be loud outside of these specified hours; priority must be given to a resident’s request for studying.

Where do I go if I need medical attention?
In case of illness, contact your Hall Administrator or Resident Assistant. The College's Student Health Center hours are:
Monday - Friday: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. or by appointment. The Office of Campus Public Safety is open 24 hours, 7 days per week and can be reached by calling (716) 880-2911.

What do I do if I lose my access card or key?
Loss of either Key Cards or Hard Keys should be reported to your Hall Administrator as soon as possible. No duplicates will be accepted. The charge for the replacement of either card or key is $30.00. Students must see their hall administrator first to receive the appropriate paperwork to receive a duplicate Key Card or Hard Key.

Where do I get my mail?
Students residing in the North or South Hall have assigned mailboxes in their respective halls. Students residing on Humboldt Parkway have assigned mailboxes in the North Residence Hall Vestibule. Mail is delivered on a daily basis. Packages and parcels can be picked up at the Housing and Residence Life Office, Monday through Thursday, from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm, and Fridays 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Students must bring their package slip and campus ID in order to receive their packages and/or parcels.

Can first-year resident students have cars?
Due to the limited number of parking spaces on campus, first-year resident students may not park on campus. Upper-class students may have cars on campus, but must strictly abide by all policies set forth by the Campus Public Safety Office. Parking Permits are available in the Campus Public Safety Office.

Where do I go to do my laundry and how much will it cost?
Laundry rooms are provided in the basements of the Humboldt Parkway residences and on the first floor of the RHAC. The South Residence Hall has laundry rooms per floor, except for the first floor. These rooms are open 24 hours a day for student use. As an added incentive, washing machines and dryer use will be free for all resident students.

What do I do if I lose my ID card?
If you cannot remember the last time you had it, Please report this to your Residence Director as soon as possible, so the card can be deactivated. You will then be sent to the Campus Public Safety Office, with the appropriate paperwork so that you may receive a new Key Card. Please note that you will need to have your meal plan reactivated in the Student Affairs Office located on the 2nd floor of the Sullivan Center.

What kinds of safety precautions are being taken in the residence halls?
The North and South Residence Halls can be accessed only with individual electronic access Key Cards. Only residents who reside in that particular unit can use their ID cards to gain access to that residence. Visitors must use the phone located in the vestibule area to call the individual they wish to visit and have them come down and sign them in.

Are there any employment opportunities on campus?
Yes, if you qualify for federal work-study you should direct all correspondence to the Financial Aid Office.

When are room assignments sent to new students?
If possible, room assignments are typically sent out 1-2 weeks prior to Freshman Orientation.

What should I do if my roommate and I do not get along?
In the event that you are paired with someone that you are not compatible with, you will go to series of mediation sessions in an attempt to find a solution to the conflict. After those sessions, if the situation is found to be unresolvable, the individual who lodged the initial complaint will be reassigned. More >>

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