Q: Will this program allow me to teach in Ontario?

A: Yes. Graduates of the program are eligible to apply for New York State and Ontario teaching certification.


Q: Is Elementary education the same as Primary/Junior?

A: Yes, the Master of Science in Education, Elementary, leads to Primary/Junior certification in Ontario.


Q: Is Adolescent Education the same as Intermediate/Senior?

A: Yes, the Master of Science in Education, Adolescent, leads to Intermediate/Senior certification in Ontario.


Q: Why does the Adolescent education program only have one teachable? Don't I need two teachable subjects to teach in Ontario?

A: In New York State education programs generally offer one teachable subject. Graduates can begin teaching their one subject while upgrading to the second subject in Ontario. Upgrading can be completed by taking Additional Qualification courses through the Ontario College of Teachers. Students have up to 6 years to complete the second teachable subject, and AQ courses are offered in convenient schedule formats including summer or evening hours. For more information, please visit the OCT website.


Q: Can I do my student teaching in Canada?

A: Yes, you can complete your student teaching placement in one of 63 Ontario school boards. Student teaching is for approximately 14 weeks (Elementary students complete 7 weeks at the Primary level and 7 weeks at the Junior level; Adolescent students complete 7 weeks at the Intermediate level and 7 weeks at the Senior level). For those 14 weeks, you can stay in Ontario and will not need to visit the Amherst Campus unless you choose to do so.


Q: What criteria is used to determine admission to the program?

A: Your admissions decision will be based on your grades from college and university, letters of recommendation, and work/volunteer experience. Consideration will be given to a candidate's maturity, motivation, aptitude for graduate study and commitment to the teaching profession.


Q: I have not taken all of the liberal arts and science courses. Can I still be admitted to the program?

A: Yes. To qualify for the elementary program you must have a Bachelor's degree (3 or 4 year). To qualify for the adolescent program you must have a Bachelor's degree AND meet 21 of the 30 credit hour requirement for your teaching concentration. Any outstanding requirements can be completed prior to enrollment or while a student at Medaille.


Q: What courses count towards the liberal arts and science requirements?

A: Some high school, grade 13, college and university coursework will be reviewed.


Q: What is a semester hour or credit hour?

A: A semester or credit hour can be explained in terms of the full-year and half-year course.

6 semester/credit hours = 1 full year (full credit) = 78 class hours
3 semester/credit hours = 1 half year (half credit) = 39 class hours


Q: Will completing the Master of Science in Education degree allow me to achieve a higher teaching salary in Ontario than obtaining a Bachelor of Education?

A: The Master of Science in Education degree is recognized as a Master's degree worldwide, however in Ontario teachers only obtain a higher salary for Master's degrees which are completed exclusive from a teacher training program. As the Medaille College Master's degree is combined with teacher training, it cannot be counted for a higher salary tier. Students can choose to complete an additional Master's degree or upgrade their salary with continued teaching experience or completing Additional Qualification courses in Ontario.


Q: Is the campus in a safe location?

A: Our graduate campus is located in Amherst, New York which is one of the safest cities in the country - students are in a safe and secure setting that has been designed for graduate level students. Parking is also free.


Q: Do I need to apply for both New York and Ontario teaching certification if I want to teach in Ontario?

A: Yes, it is a requirement that Canadian students enrolled in a teacher education program in the State of New York apply for and receive a NYS teaching certificate as well as apply to the Ontario College of Teachers for an Ontario teaching certificate.


Q: Can I teach in the United States with New York State teacher certification?

A: Yes, with New York State teacher certification you can apply to work in schools in 43 of the U.S. states. Some students choose to gain work experience in the U.S. before applying for teaching jobs in Ontario. Many students choose to work in Ontario only. For information on immigration issues related to working in the United States contact the Graduate Admission office.


Q: Is OSAP or other financial aid available?

A: Yes, if you are a Canadian citizen you can apply for OSAP (Ontario Student Assistance Program). Obtain an OSAP application at their website. You will need to send a Program Information form to Medaille College's Financial Aid Office. Their phone number is: 1-888-252-2235, and press *5* for Financial Aid.


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