Counseling Services for Faculty and Staff

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The mission of the Counseling Center is to provide eclectic clinical counseling services that enhance the well-being and development of the whole person and reduce barriers to academic success.

How to refer a student

You may simply refer to the Counseling Center as a possible resource.

Focus on specific behaviors you are observing that have merited your concern. These might include: being late for class, appearing fatigued; appearing tearful, appearing unable to focus in class; changes in physical appearance; changes in typical behavior.

You are always welcome and invited to call for a consultation at ext. 2339.

You are also welcome to call and/or bring a student over to the Center. Every effort is made to see a student as soon as possible.

Signs a student may be in distress

  • Marked change in academic performance and/or behavior
  • Unusual behavior or appearance
  • Consistent pattern of being tardy or absent to class
  • References to suicide, homicide, or death
  • Withdrawn in class

One other resource is the, which is the online behavioral support system for young adults. Ulifeline also provides a screening service for members of faculty who may have a specific concern about a particular student or students.

Consultation and Outreach Services

Faculty and staff are invited to request outreach presentations. The Counseling Center offers workshops on a variety of topics that promote positive mental health. A two week advance request is appreciated, but do not hesitate to contact the Center if you are unable to meet this request.

Counseling Center
Medaille College
18 Agassiz Circle
Buffalo, NY 14214
Phone (716) 880-2339
Fax (716) 880-3399

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