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Appropriate GPA and Coursework

Students must complete all required pre-requisite coursework. For prerequisites, see the appropriate graduate or undergraduate catalog.

Graduate Students: A minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA in graduate course work.

Undergraduate Students: A minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA in undergraduate course work along with successful completion of course pre-requisites.


Student Teaching Placement Form, Profile Sheet and Release Form

You must complete and submit the Student Teaching Placement Form, Profile Sheet, and the Pre-Student Teaching/Student Teaching/Practicum Release Form. These forms must be received by the OSTC by September 15 for Spring semester placements and February 15 for Fall semester placements. Failure to meet the deadline could delay, or prevent, your student teaching placement opportunity.


Police Record Check Screening

All Canadian education students are required by the Province of Ontario to have a valid police record check vulnerable sector checks prior to participation in student teaching or any voluntary experiences with children. Student teachers must be prepared to show verification of the completed police record check on the first day of student teaching.

For student teachers, police record checks/vulnerable sector checks must be dated less than 6 months prior to the start of student teaching. If you plan to student teach in two different boards, each board will need an original copy of your police record check.

Students should contact their school board(s) to determine whether the board will either (1) process the screening or (2) refer them to a local police station. This process can take 4-12 weeks depending on the police department, so plan accordingly.

Your completed police record check will (usually) be mailed directly to you. It is your responsibility to ensure that your district school board has a copy of your valid police record check.


Niagara Catholic District School Board requires student teachers to contact the board to request a wavier prior to going to the Niagara Regional Police Department for the screening. Students will be required to provide proof of the completed PRC screening upon request at their school.

Peel District School Board requires student teachers to obtain their PRC through the Peel Regional Police Department. Upon completion, the student must present the original document to the Peel DSB.

Toronto District School Board requires student teachers to obtain their Police Record Check (PRC) through the Ontario Education Services Corporation (OESC). To obtain additional information as well as the PRC application, you may visit the OESC website.

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