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About the Academic Support Center

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About the Academic Support Center

The Academic Support Center (ASC) is a vital component of Medaille College's commitment to academic excellence and to the success of its students.
We offer a wide range of services to assist the student in achieving his/her academic goals. The ASC provides an environment in which students can get extra help, study for a test, work on a class assignment, or enhance basic academic and study skills. Our staff works to promote an environment of academic excellence while fostering success for the individual student. Regardless of your curriculum, the Academic Support Center offers many services that may be of interest or assistance to you.
All registered Medaille students are welcome in the Academic Support Center, whether you're a recent high school graduate, an adult returning to college, a transfer student, or non-matriculated.


Academic Support Center FAQ

Do I have to sign-in to use the computers?

Sign-in is required for all computer use (assignment, internet, printing, and personal use). We keep a record to help us understand of the students’ computer needs.


Do you have textbooks I can borrow?

No, the Academic Support Center does not have a textbook borrowing library.


How long are the tutoring appointments?

Tutoring appointments are 30 minutes long. If the tutor does not have a prior schedule appointment, the session can continue for the next 30 minutes. TRiO, Pathways and students taking online classes may schedule 60 minute appointments. Tardiness will not extend the tutoring appointment. If the student arrives 15 minutes late they may be asked to reschedule.


How do I make and cancel an appointment?

Appointments can be made three ways:

At the ASC front desk - Huber 107

Calling - 716-880-2214



How do I sign out a calculator?

Graphing, scientific, and basic calculators can be borrowed at the ASC counter in Huber 107 with your student ID. Items can be borrowed for 4 hours at a time.


What else can I borrow?

  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Protractor
  • Head phones
  • Glue stick
  • Microscopes (Only in the center and the Library)
  • Slides (Only in the center and the Library)
  • Cat skeletal bones (Only in the center and the Library)
  • iPads (Only in the center and the Library)


Who’s my Pathways Coach?

Every Pathways student is assigned a Pathways Coach for the academic year. Each coach will contact their students via email at the start of the school year. Pathways students can also find out who they are assigned to with their student ID at the ASC counter in Huber 107.


Who is my tutor?

Tutors are selected when the student makes their appointment. The student can verify their selection by going to the view/ cancel screen of Accutrack, the appointment software. On the day of the appointment, while signing in, the name of the tutor will flash on the screen. The ASC staff is available to assist the student to connect with their tutor.


Can I take my make-up test at the ASC?

Make-up test are not proctored by the ASC. Students need to work directly with their professor to complete a make-up test.


How do I know if I’m signed-in or if I’m signed-out?

To sign in for an appointment, the student needs to log in with their 8-digit student ID number for both the user name and password. Upon sign-in, a confirmation flashes across the screen with the date, time, subject and tutor’s name. A confirmation also appears upon sign-out, the session duration, subject and date. A tutor evaluation occasionally will pop up before the sign-out confirmation appears. The survey is optional and a great way to give feedback to the tutors.


Am I allowed to take my test at the ASC?

Testing accommodations for students registered with the Office of Disabilities Service (ODS) is housed at the Academic Support Center in Huber 107. Qualified students can complete tests, quizzes, and exams in this separate location.  Students can schedule their testing appointments prior to the date of the assessment with their student ID. Walk-ins are welcome but appointments help ODS prepare for the students’ needs (computer set up, assistive technology, reader assignment, etc.).

Appointments can be made three ways:

At the ASC front desk - Huber 107

Calling - 716-880-2214

Online - http://appointments.medaille.edu

Instructions <<link to online appointment document>>


Can I print up a record of my tutoring visit(s)?

Yes. Students can print out a report of their tutoring session(s) at the Academic Support Center in Huber 107. Specific dates and times can be selected going back as far as the start of the current semester. A staff member will be present to assist the student to print the report up.


What is TRiO and how do I know if I’m qualified

Medaille College’s TRiO Student Support Services (SSS) Program can help! SSS is a federally-funded program whose mission is to help eligible participants graduate with the grades and skills necessary for success at Medaille and beyond. Students admitted to the TRiO program receive free services above and beyond those available to the general college population. Medaille’s SSS Program has served more than 200 low-income, first-generation students per year since 1980. We take an integrated approach, developing each participant’s leadership potential over their time at Medaille. For more information, visit - http://www.medaille.edu/academics/student-success/trio-student-support-services-program


Can I drop off my paper to be edited?

No. If you need assistance with a paper, you must make a tutoring appointment and work with a tutor. A tutor can help you identify grammar mistakes and what you can do to correct those mistakes and learn how to use proper grammar in the future.


When I arrive to the ASC for an appointment, how do I check in?

The sign in station is located at the front desk of the Academic Support Center in Huber 107. Students will sign in on the computer then let the ASC staff on duty know they here. If the student needs help, the staff is available to assist the student with the sign-in process and/ or to make an appointment. They will also introduce the student to the staff they are meeting with.



Students may come to the Academic Support Center to schedule an appointment or use our system for scheduling appointments.  Students can use our convenient appointment system to schedule a tutoring appointment or testing accommodations.  Appointments can also be made for pathways, academic coaching, and academic probation or to meet with any ASC staff member.

Click here to make an appointment

Click here for instructions on how to make an appointment


Monday8am – 8pm
Tuesday8am – 8pm
Wednesday8am – 8pm
Thursday8am – 8pm
Friday8am – 4pm
Saturday10am – 3pm

*These are regular hours during the semester. Holiday and Summer hours vary.

**Tutoring for online classes will vary and may be outside of these office hours.


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