Medaille College Mission Statement, Vision and Core Values

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Mission, Vision and Core Values

Medaille College Mission, Vision & Core Values
Medaille College Mission Statement Poster

Mission Statement

The mission of Medaille College is to educate and develop empowered individuals for academic achievement, career success and civic engagement, thereby contributing to a healthy, diverse democracy.



Medaille College will be known as a leader in providing inspiration and opportunity for students, faculty, staff, alumni and community by supporting academic development, positive personal transformation and a strong sense of civic-mindedness.



We are committed to inspiring intellectual curiosity and wonder as a foundation for academic, professional and civic achievement. We are dedicated to preserving and supporting an educational environment of creativity, passion and innovation.

We seek to maintain and support a culture of intellectual and personal growth. We encourage the pursuit of the highest levels of academic, civic and personal achievement.

We are dedicated to providing an atmosphere of trust, and will actively engage the world with honesty, respect, responsibility, dignity and compassion. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethics and personal responsibility.

We value community as a coming together of diverse individuals who endeavor to create an inclusive, supportive and collaborative society.


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