Blake Winter

Blake Winter

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Dr. Blake Winter
Assistant Professor, Mathematics
, Department of Science, Mathematics & Technology
Office: H122
(716) 880-2171

About Blake Winter

My focus in my personal interests in mathematics is in knot theory, which studies how objects can get tangled up in space. I started teaching at Medaille in 2019. I also have a great interest in animals (I am a vegan and I have several companion animals, including three rabbits and four rats). 


“A geometric invariant of virtual n-links”
Topology and its Applications, 2020 

“Ribbon n-knots with isomorphic quandles”
J. Knot Theory Ramifications, Vol 2 No 07 2019

“Virtual Links in Arbitrary Dimensions”
J. Knot Theory Ramifications, Vol 24 No 14 2015

“The Classification of Spun Torus Knots”
J. Knot Theory Ramifications, Vol 18 No 9, 1287-1298, 2009


University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY
Ph.D. in Mathematics, September 2014
Dissertation: “Virtual, Welded, and Ribbon Links in Arbitrary Dimensions”
Advisor: Adam Sikora

University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY
M.A. in Mathematics 2010

Houghton College, Houghton, NY
B.S. in Physics and Mathematics 2005
Senior Thesis: “The Decay Rate of Orthopositronium”


Ph.D. in Mathematics, September 2014, University at Buffalo, NY

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