Kenneth D. Trbovich '99

Kenneth D. Trbovich '99

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Kenneth D. Trbovich
Trbovich '99

Trustee, Medaille University

Term: 2011-2023

About Kenneth D. Trbovich '99

Most recently, Kenneth Trbovich ’99 was the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Servotronics, Inc. Servotronics founded in 1959, is an award winning company known for its design, development, and manufacture of high quality components, systems and sub-systems for use wherever precise control, reliability and cost containment are primary requirements. Their product applications can be found from outer space, military, and commercial aircraft, helicopters, ground vehicles, test equipment, and precisions controls of all types. He was also President and CEO of the The Ontario Knife Company.  He is listed as co-inventor on multiple patents or patents-pending used by the Company and has extensive project management and business development experience, coordinating Company business in the United States, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, Germany, England, and other locations around the world.  He is a trustee for a private charitable foundation.

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