Kenneth M. Macur

Kenneth M. Macur

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Dr. Kenneth M. Macur
Office: M115
(716) 880-2201

About Kenneth M. Macur

I am blessed.


And I'm going to keep it that way . . . 


Actually, the lesson I did NOT learn in college was what my career was going to be. I spent six years (BS and MBA) thinking that I was going to be in banking (like my dad) or accounting or information systems (I graduated knowing almost ten computer programming languages). Four years after I got my bachelor's degree, I thought I would enjoy being a college professor, so I went back and got my Ph.D. Years later (YEARS later), I realized that higher education was my vocation and my passion. What I was born to do found me. 


The universe has a plan for your prosperity and you have a critical role in that plan. The universe has your back. Do your part and don't let anyone out-work you.

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