Nicole M. Jowsey

Nicole M. Jowsey

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Nicole M. Jowsey
Assistant Professor, Philosophy, Department of Inter·disciplinary Studies
Office: Main 224
(716) 880-2125

About Nicole M. Jowsey

Nicole M. Jowsey received her Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from the University at Buffalo in 2011. She teaches a variety of philosophy and general education courses. In addition to teaching, she co-created the Social Justice and Public Administration minor in the Social Sciences Department, as well as a new social justice course.  Dr. Jowsey’s current research focuses on examining the relationship between the Ancient and Modern epic hero, specifically Achilleus and Harry Potter, using the philosophical framework of Martin Heidegger.  She is also working on an ethics project that examines the relationship between Immanuel Kant, Martin Heidegger, and Michel Foucault.  Her most recent essay, "Fear, Death, and Authenticity in the Hero: a Look at Heidegger, Achilleus, and Harry Potter," is published in the edited volume On Fear, Horror, and Terror: Giving Utterance to the Unutterable (eds. Pedro Querido and María Ibáñez-Rodríguez; Brill, 2019).

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