Become a Teacher in Buffalo: Adolescent and Special Education BSEd Teaching Program

Become a Teacher in Buffalo: Adolescent and Special Education BSEd Teaching Program

Adolescent Education and Students with Disabilities (B.S.Ed.)

Become a middle school or high school teacher for grades 7 - 12 with eligibility for dual-certification in teaching students with disabilities through teaching programs at Medaille College. Meet our education faculty.

Adolescent Education and Students with Disabilities (B.S.Ed.)

About the Program

Adolescents face increasingly difficult challenges in today’s fast-paced world. They need educators like you — someone who is motivating, inspiring and yearning to make a lasting impact on students, year after year. Choose Medaille’s teaching program and you can become eligible for NYSED certification in two high-demand areas: adolescent education (grades 7-12) and Students with Disabilities, not only better preparing you to handle today’s adolescents, but also making you more marketable as a teacher. Teaching degrees at Medaille College have been highly sought-after for over 100 years.

Teaching Adolescents

150 hours of field work is necessary in order to gain experience and graduate. The hours have helped me realize the responsibilities of teachers, how to be culturally responsive, how to accommodate and modify lessons based off of student responses, learning techniques and even hardships. Field hours have prepared me for what I will experience in the future, in my classroom.

Alyssa Carella '19

Prepare to teach grades 7 - 12 in the content area of your choice and become eligible for certification in educating students with disabilities – earn dual-certification eligibility through one teaching degree.

Why choose Medaille's adolescent education program?

Your degree will open doors for you to teach grades 7 - 12, specializing in biology, English or social studies, and to become eligible to teach students with disabilities.

New York State requires that students in teacher preparation program pursue an academic concentration of study. You'll choose to major in one of the following content areas:

Biology (34 credits)

English (30 credits)

Math (30 credits)

Social Studies (36 credits)




Clinical Experiences

This exciting opportunity affords students the ability to learn through hands-on experience with the support and mentorship of classroom teachers and college instructors.

Fieldwork: Students enrolled in the B.S.Ed. Adolescent/Students with Disabilities Education program are required to complete a minimum of 150 field experience hours prior to student teaching. These field experience hours are embedded over several courses and must be completed prior to the culminating experience of student teaching.

Student Teaching: This is the culmination of the educational preparation process. It is where students have the opportunity to utilize the knowledge and skills gained through coursework at Medaille College with the support of a classroom associate teacher and college supervisor. Medaille College student teachers participate in two full-time, eight-week student teaching placements.

More Information on Education Student Clinical Field Experiences

BSED Adolescent Teaching and Students with Disabilities Professional Handbook

What else sets Medaille's teaching programs apart?

Future Teachers Club, rooted in principles of education, as well as professional and social development.

Close mentoring relationships with faculty.

Option to continue at Medaille College to complete your master's degree in just 16 months (four semesters).



Call: (716) 880-2000

Program News

Department of Education Assistant Professor Dr. Christine Woodcock Authors E-book & Chapter in New Textbook

Department of Education Assistant Professor Dr. Christine Woodcock has authored a new e-book for teachers, titled Uniting the Science of Reading and Balanced Literacy With Social Justice. She also served as an author for the newly released edited textbook, titled Handbook of Research on Learner-Centered Approaches to Teaching in an Age of Transformational Change.

Medaille College is currently pursuing accreditation of its educator preparation programs by the Association for Advancing Quality in Educator Preparation (AAQEP). Pursuant to §52.21 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education, the educator preparation programs offered by Medaille College are considered to be continuously accredited for purposes of meeting the New York State requirement that all such programs maintain continuous accreditation.
Adolescent Education
Students with Disabilities Education
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