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If you already have a clinical master’s degree in a field like social work, psychology, psychiatry or mental health counseling and want to move into the field of Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT), this is the Advanced Certificate for you. We know that you’re a confident, professional, hardworking individual, and Medaille wants to help you get where you want to be in your career.

  • Quality: Medaille gives you an education focused on practical, real-world experience. You’re taught by professionals and given the educational requirements to prepare you for licensure. To be eligible for MFT licensure, you must work under supervision to complete the 1500-hour New York State experience requirement and pass the qualifying exam.
  • Flexibility: We know you have a life outside of school. This 39-credit hour program allows you to attend class only one weekend a month and still be considered a full-time student.
  • Connections: You work closely with both your peers and faculty. You get real clinical experience with a practicum. Step outside your comfort zone and learn what it takes to be a practicing Marriage and Family Therapist through class debates, panel discussions and speaker series. Medaille gives you the network you need to succeed.

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Challenge Brings Reward

If you were afraid of challenges, you probably wouldn’t be interested in MFT. As a Marriage and Family Therapist, you’re expected to understand dynamic individual and family issues from a systemic perspective. You counsel the challenges of modern relationships, family-life problems, substance abuse, job loss and mental illness. Appropriately, it’s not easy to get certified as a Marriage and Family Therapist, but Medaille is uniquely equipped to prepare and qualify you.

  • Professionalism: You’re expected to have a comprehensive understanding of the theories of MFT and know what it means to be a professional, ethical therapist.
  • Practical experience: Your education isn’t all theory. Medaille’s 500-hour, hands-on practicum is the cornerstone of your clinical education. (300 of those hours are face-to-face with clients.) The theory you learn and read about is then actively applied in the field. You learn by doing at Medaille.
  • Ongoing education: Before you can be licensed by New York State, you must complete another 1500 hours of clinical experience, but your 300 face-to-face hours from practicum count towards this total. This is another benefit of the Medaille College MFT program.

If this all seems too challenging, it’s not. Medaille College prepares you for all of this and more. The Medaille Advantage prepares you for the workplace. With a certificate in MFT, you secure a rewarding career in a growing industry.

  • Once licensed, go into private practice
  • Enter the public sector.
  • Work with couples, families and children on the things that matter most in their lives.
  • Family service clinics offer a wide range of mental health counseling services for graduates such as yourself.
  • The ever-growing field of eldercare is no exception: Aging comes with its own relational and family challenges. Help the elderly and their families adapt.
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Learn from Professionals

At Medaille, you don’t just learn from teachers and books—you learn from real, professional practitioners. And with Medaille’s small class sizes, you get a familial atmosphere and a tailored experience. Students are not left behind at Medaille.

  • Your clinical placement and evaluations are performed in close contact with Medaille faculty, who are practicing therapists and published authors. That’s the benefit of a low student-to-faculty ratio and Medaille’s experiential learning methods.
  • You’re on a first-name basis will all of your peers and professors, all of whom are, or will be, professionals in your field.
  • When you graduate, the faculty at Medaille remains an important part of your professional network.
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Flexible Format

Medaille doesn’t put limits on your education. We realize that you want to get on with your education as quickly as possible, and that you have other responsibilities too. You get your Advanced Certificate in MFT in under two years.

If you’re considering a career in MFT, you’re probably already a self-motivated individual, and Medaille College offers schedules that help ease the stress of earning your degree. The Marriage and Family Therapy program offers the following formats to help you boost your career without losing any time.

  • You attend class one weekend a month.
  • You get your 39-credit hour Advanced Certificate in 1 ½ years.
  • A fast route to a MFT Advanced Certificate.
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Be the Best You

Medaille gives you all the tools—theory and clinical experience—that you need to succeed in the field. If you’re ready to face the challenges of a career in MFT, then you’re ready to face the challenges, and reap the rewards, of Medaille’s unique advanced certificate program. Marriage and Family Therapy is a highly specialized professional vocation, and it may be perfect for you. So if you’re ready to get started in this rewarding field, remember that Medaille is where college meets career.

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Courses and Curriculum

MFT 620 Structural, Strategic & Systemic Family Therapies (3)
MFT 631 Family & Couple Therapy Skills (3)
MFT 690 Human Development & the Family Life Cycle (3)
MFT 702 Practicum II (4)           
MFT 651 Social Constructionist Theories (3)
MFT 761 Trauma and the Family (3)
MFT 703 Practicum III (4)
MFT 730 Sex Therapy (3)
MFT 661 Transgenerational Theories (3)
MFT 704 Practicum IV (4)
MFT 740 Substance Abuse and Violence in the Family System (3)
MFT 763 Treating Sexual Trauma and/or MFT 762 Child & Adolescent Therapy (3)
Total 39 credit hours
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  • Lesley Capuana, Ph.D.
    Institutional Review Board, Faculty

    Lesley Capuana, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor, Department of Social Sciences, IRB Co-Chair

  • Kim Carr

    Kim Carr, J.D.


    Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

    Associate Professor, Department of Social Sciences

    Office: M227

    Phone: (716) 880-2333


    Read More
  • Steven MacMartin

    Steven M. MacMartin, B.S., M.A., DBA


    Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice
    Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security

    Assistant Professor of the Practice, Department of Social Sciences, Program Director (Homeland Security)

    Office: M227

    Phone: (716) 880-2575


    Read More
  • Timothy McCorry

    Timothy McCorry, Ph.D.


    Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

    Chair, Department of Social Sciences, Assistant Professor, Department of Social Sciences

    Office: M208

    Phone: (716) 880-2166


    Read More
  • user image

    Brian Patterson

    Clinical Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

    Office: M204


  • Todd Riniolo

    Todd Riniolo, Ph.D.


    Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

    Professor, Department of Social Sciences

    Office: M230

    Phone: (716) 880-2138


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