Online Criminal Justice Degree | On-Campus Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice: Medaille College, Buffalo, NY

Online Criminal Justice Degree | On-Campus Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice: Medaille College, Buffalo, NY

Criminal Justice (B.S.)

Embark on a career based in prevention and problem solving through our proactive approach to criminal justice, or build a solid foundation for further studies in graduate school. Meet our criminal justice faculty.

Criminal Justice (B.S.)

Professor Carr made law interesting and fun to learn about. She gave real-time examples of world events that related to every topic. She is caring, engaging, motivating and personable.

Nicole Rua '12, Safety Manager, LeChase Construction

About the Criminal Justice Program

Boasting three unique concentrations, the criminal justice program invites you to tailor your studies to Juvenile and Family Justice, Law Enforcement Administration and Criminal Investigations, Law and Society, or Homeland Security and Emergency Management. Majors will learn how the system truly works and ways to approach issues in a proactive, ethical manner. With an emphasis on cross-cultural sensitivity, you'll be engaged by experts not only in your coursework, but by getting involved in actual community issues and networking with police, federal agents and politicians.

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Day Program Admission Requirements

Online Program Admission Requirements

Courses, Requirements & Policies

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Program Specs

Total Credits: 120 credits

Major Core: 24 credits

Concentration: 18 - 22 credits

Delivery: Full-time day program or online

Campus: Buffalo or Online

Two Required Internships

Criminal Justice Program Event at Medaille College

What can you do with a criminal justice degree from Medaille College?

Medaille criminal justice majors may find experience opportunities in:

Law enforcement agencies

Public defenders' offices

Pretrial services


District attorneys' offices

Police Academy

Corporate security

Social services


Why Choose Medaille?

Criminal justice majors at Medaille College have the benefit of small class sizes and one-on-one mentorship in a program that focuses on criminal law, criminal procedure, ethics, law enforcement, courts, cross-cultural sensitivity, communication, modern technology, corrections and the societal impact of legal institutions. Our rigorous training is perfect for students who desire a career in law enforcement, or those seeking future graduate-level degree(s).


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Find the concentration that suits you best:


Juvenile and Family Justice

Choose this concentration if you're interested in working with juveniles, victims of domestic abuse, or careers related to social work.


Law Enforcement Administration and Criminal Investigations

This concentration will not only prepare you to work in law enforcement, but also help you to move up in the field. Choose this track if you're looking to work in crime scene investigation, administration or corrections.


Law and Society

Crafted for the activist, this concentration will prepare you for a career path related to civil rights and social justice.


Program Formats

Traditional full-time day program: please contact undergraduate admissions.

Online program: 

7-week terms

No scheduled class times; while there are weekly due dates, you complete coursework on a schedule that works best for you

Fall start

Major Core (24 credits)

CRJ 101 Introduction to CRJ (3)

CRJ 160 Crime and Society (3)

CRJ 201 Criminal Law (3)

CRJ 211 Law Enforcement (3)

CRJ 240 Criminal Courts and Procedure (3)

CRJ 340 Corrections (3)

CRJ 415 Research Methods in Criminal Justice  (3)

CRJ 421 Senior Seminar/Capstone (3)



Juvenile and Family Justice (18 credits)

PSY 210 Childhood Development (3)

PSY 240 Adolescence (3)

SOC 311 A Lifespan View of Family Violence (3) 

CRJ 225 Juvenile Delinquency (3)

CRJ 377 Field Experience I (3)

CRJ 477 Field Experience II (3)

Law Enforcement Administration and Criminal Investigations (19 credits)

CRJ 301 Criminal Investigation I (3)

CRJ 303 Criminal Investigation I Lab (1)

CRJ 170 Law Enforcement Ethics (3)

CRJ 355 Social Issues in Policing a Multicultural Community (3)

CRJ 410 Police Administration (3)

CRJ 377 Field Experience I (3)

CRJ 477 Field Experience II (3)

Law and Society (18 credits)

APY 100 Introduction to Anthropology (3)

SOC 100 Introduction to Sociology (3)

POL 100 Introduction to Political Science (3)

CRJ 365 Special Topic: Law and Society (3) 

CRJ 377 Field Experience I (3)

CRJ 477 Field Experience II (3)

Homeland Security and Emergency Management (22 credits)
Courses for this concentration are offered online.

CRJ 305E Securing the Homeland (4)

HIS 320E History of Terrorism (4)

POL 321E The Constitution and the Patriot Act (4)

MGT 375E Principles of Emergency Management (4)

CRJ 377 Field Experience I (3)

CRJ 477 Field Experience II (3)



Traditional Full-time Day Program
Call: (716) 880-2000

Call: (716) 880-2641

Program News

Launching Ethics Across the Curriculum: NEH Grant Culminates in Student-Focused Professional Development Program for Faculty & Staff

Thanks to a National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) grant awarded to Medaille in 2018, the resulting project success is now able to serve as a roadmap for incorporating applied ethics into course curriculum, research projects and community-based learning activities across every academic department.

Criminal Justice
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