English Degree | Bachelor's Degree in English at Medaille College in Buffalo, NY

English Degree | Bachelor's Degree in English at Medaille College in Buffalo, NY

English (B.A.)

Empower yourself to succeed in any endeavor you choose, through learning to thoroughly read, research, compellingly write and critically think. Meet our English faculty.

English (B.A.)

If I had to sum up my experience at Medaille in a few words, I would say “expect the unexpected.” Even courses that I expected not to enjoy ended up thoroughly engaging me, often in ways I hadn't anticipated. I never thought that studying urban water management through the lens of human rights, with Dr. Robert Johnson, would eventually have a profound effect on the topic of my M.A. thesis; yet, in reviewing my work on teaching first-year composition with science journalism, the influence is undeniable. Medaille's faculty, English and otherwise, encouraged me to push myself to new limits, discover and develop new interests, and above all, persevere.

Sarah Kinne '14

About the Program

Medaille's English program isn't only for budding authors. In this digital world, you read and write every single day, which brings new urgency to learn how to critically approach written and digital texts, online and off, and to produce effective writing — to be able to translate meaning to the general population. The English program at Medaille will equip you to open your mind through literature, web-based research, and community-based projects, teach you to critically think, and rigorously prepare you for graduate school or whichever career path you choose.

Medaille College Student in Library

One of my favorite components of the English program is the diversity of the classes. Each English class I take at Medaille is completely different from the last, which allows me to not only expand my knowledge on literature itself, but also gives me a chance to read and hear stories from many different authors that I may not have read if I were not in these classes.

Cheyenne DeLuca, Adolescent Education Major with Concentration in English

Unique Opportunities for English Majors at Medaille College

Write Thing Reading Series

Sponsored by the Medaille College English program, enjoy the chance to meet locally and nationally known writers and illustrators through our Write Thing Reading Series. Events are held throughout the fall and spring semester, with a culminating celebration of the yearly release of Prelude literary magazine.


Prelude Literary Magazine

Gain publication experience through Medaille's annual edition of Prelude, open for creative entries from all students, faculty and staff.


Your Coursework

Even beyond the internship you choose, you will have the opportunity to learn about people and culture through literature, incorporated with community outreach and community-based learning projects within your required coursework. Discover who you are and which paths may be right for you from these well-rounded, hands-on learning experiences, both in and outside of the classroom.


Considering Grad School?

Medaille's English program graduates have gone on to prestigious graduate programs in a variety of fields, including:

New York University and University of Southern California (Master is TESOL)

University of Massachusetts at Boston (Master in Rhetoric)

Emerson College (Master in Global Marketing Communication)

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Master in Human Resources)

University of Rochester (Master in Higher Education Administration)


3+3 with UB School of Law

With our new 3+3 program, you can save one full year of tuition by earning your bachelor's degree at Medaille College and your law degree at University at Buffalo School of Law, in just six years (instead of 7)! Learn more at medaille.edu/3plus3.



My favorite component of the English program at Medaille is that it's small. I love that most of the students in my classes have been my peers in other classes in the past and present. I believe these connections we form with each other help us to learn better. I can also say the same thing about my professors. Having a few of the same professors each semester builds a strong academic relationship and helps me learn.

Hannah LaGrou, English Major

Courses, Requirements & Policies

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English Program Specs

Total Credits: 120 credits

Major Core Component: 33 credits

Major Electives: 9 credits

One Required Internship

Optional Concentrations: Creative Writing, Professional Writing


Admission Requirements

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I love studying English and literature because at any point in history, you can understand the events, tensions, and feelings happening just by reading a book from that time period. I love that English and literature don't just mean one thing, but that there are so many different areas that you can dive into and get lost in.

Kailin Auman, English Major


Email: ug@medaille.edu
Call: (716) 880-2000

Program News

Associate Professor of English Dr. Alice Villaseñor Presents at the 2021 Jane Austen Festival

Dr. Alice Villaseñor appeared as a virtual speaker at the 2021 Jane Austen Festival, “Race, Power & the Arts in Jane Austen’s World.” She presented on From Prada to Nada (2011), a film adaptation of Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility (1811) set in Los Angeles, and discussed how the film uses Austen’s story of the displacement of the Dashwood women to highlight the displacement of Latinx communities.

I love being a part of a new world when it comes to literature, as finding parallels and analyzing texts is one of my favorite parts of reading literature. I became part of the English program when Dr. Slavin and Dr. Kotzin recommended it to me since I started as a Liberal Studies major then changed to an International Studies, with a minor in English (which was one of the best decisions I made at Medaille). I got into Prelude when my friends became part of it. My favorite part of the English program is the opportunities and the people.

Nicole Gorny, International Studies Major with an English Minor
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