Esports Programs | Bachelor Degree in Esports Management, Media, Advertising and Game Design in Buffalo, NY

Esports Programs | Bachelor Degree in Esports Management, Media, Advertising and Game Design in Buffalo, NY

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Esports Management (BS)

Prepare for an engaging career in the business, media, game design and advertising of professional esports, a booming, $138 billion market. Meet our esports management faculty.

Esports Degree Programs at Medaille College

In 2016, 400 million people viewed the League of Legends World Championship, making esports the fastest growing sector in the industry of professional sports. Medaille’s esports management programs are perfect for technology-forward, business-minded individuals with a penchant for professional gaming culture. Focusing on administration, media and advertising, you will be immersed in the world of video games, from a peek into game design and introductory courses in programming to the management of professional multiplayer competition.

Medaille College Esports Gaming Room

2019 marks a momentous year for the esports market, as revenues are projected to reach an impressive $1.1 billion dollars.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in our esports management program, graduates will be able to:

Identify and define the functional components, interrelationships and applications of esports, including gaming competitively, online play, virtual reality, internet connectivity, online streaming and culture building.

Demonstrate an ability to employ information and analysis specific to esports in regards to opportunities and challenges presented in a global environment.

Identify and apply modern information systems to support esports business operations for improved management and organizational performance.

Admission Requirements

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What can you do with an esports management degree?

Alumni of Medaille’s esports programs can go into careers such as:


Esports Analyst

Esports Coach

Esports Team Management

Tournament Administration

Content Creator/Reporter

Marketing/PR Executive

Social Media Manager



Compared to the first six months of 2018, the esports job market grew a whopping 185.7% in the first six months of 2019.

Esports Management Program Major Core (54 credits)

MGT 175 Management Concepts and Communications (3)

SPM 220 Sports Leadership and Management (3)

DAT 100 Fundamentals of Computing (3)

ESM 100 Esports Management and Industry Trends (3)

SPM 335 Sport Event Management (3)

MGT 330 Entrepreneurship (3)

ECO 380 Economics of Sport (3)

SPM 340 History and Philosophy of Sport (3)

MIS 240 Management Information Systems (3)

ESM 200 Competitive Gaming: Culture, Performance and Team Development (3)

SPM 325 Legal and Ethical Issues in Sports and Recreation Management (3)

SOC 301 Sports in Society (3)

SPM 201 Dynamics of Youth Sport (3)

ESM 377 Field Experience 1 (3)

SPM 400 Sports Facility Management (3)

PSY 385 Sports Psychology (3)

ESM 300 Introduction to Game Design (3)

ESM 477 Field Experience II (3)


Medaille College Esports Programs


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Esports Management

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