International Studies Bachelor's Degree | Build a Foundation in Practical World Views Fueled by Global Awareness

International Studies Bachelor's Degree | Build a Foundation in Practical World Views Fueled by Global Awareness

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International Studies (BA)

Learn to effectively engage in our increasingly competitive and interconnected world with Medaille's bachelor's degree in international studies. Meet our interdisciplinary studies faculty.

About the Program

Today’s world is an ever-changing landscape of cultures, traditions, business practices and competition. To prepare yourself, you need a foundation built in practical world views, fueled by global awareness, cultural sensitivity and intellectual discernment. Immerse yourself in Medaille’s International Studies program for a cross-cultural and transhistorical perspective on the human condition.  Emerge with the tools required to effectively engage in an interconnected world.

International Studies Program

Shape the international studies program to focus on what interests you! Concentrated areas of study include:

Intercultural Studies

Choose this concentration if you're interested in building a more just and sustainable future through highly-impactful, community-based experiential learning and interconnectedness. Career paths include international relations, humanitarian relief and congressional aid.


International Business

This concentration will help you gain an understanding of different business practices across the world, preparing you to work confidently and effectively with global partners. Career paths include international and import/export business, management consulting, innovation services and entrepreneurship.



International Law

Select this concentration to understand and properly interpret events in countries with different legal systems than our own, and emerge prepared for careers covered by international law. Career paths include international, family or immigration law, government administration and foreign service.


Urban Studies

This concentration will allow you to work with diverse populations, including non-English speakers, giving you exposure to multicultural issues and increasing your marketability. Career paths include social work and counseling, public relations, travel and hospitality, health services, nonprofit social and community service, and human resources.



Program Specs

Total Credits: 120 credits

Major Core Component: 30 credits

Major Electives (Concentrations): 30 credits 
Choose two of four, focusing the program on your interests.

Two Internships: 6 credits

Study Abroad: Highly encouraged


Major Core (30 credits)

APY 100 Introduction to Anthropology (3)

SOC 100 Introduction to Sociology (3)

POL 100 Introduction to Political Science (3)

HIS 101 World Cultures (3)

HIS 315 History of Ethnic America (3)

ENG 215 Introduction to World Literature (3)

PHI 300 Ethics (3) 

INT 325 Intercultural Communication (U) (3) 

Any foreign language (6)


Admission Requirements

Visit the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies


Flags of the World

Major Electives (30 credits)

You are required to complete two of the following four areas of concentration, declaring your choice of concentration upon the completion of 30 credits.

Intercultural Studies Concentration
Choose five of the following (15 credits)

ART 214 Survey of World Art I (3) or
ART 315 Survey of World Art II (3)

ENG 365 Ethnic Literature in America (3)

ENG 425 Themes and Topics in World Literature (3)

GEO 310 Cultural Geography (3)

HUM 300 The Arts in Society (3)

INT 350 Seminar in Religion and Belief (3)

International Business Concentration
Choose five of the following (15 credits)

ENG 260 Business and Professional Writing (3)

MGT 325 International Business Strategy (3)

ECO 200 Macroeconomics (3)

INT 411 Global Leadership (3)

MGT 299 Business Law I (3)

MGT 415 Diversity in Organizations (3)

International Law Concentration
Choose five of the following (17 credits)

CRJ 201 Introduction to Criminal Law (3)

CRJ 401 Constitutional Issues in Criminal Justice (3)

ENG 270 Argument and Persuasion (3) or
ENG 360 Advanced Report Writing (3)

HLS 300 Administering Homeland Security (4) (required)

HLS 301 Homeland Security (4) (required)

PHI 200 Logic (3)

Urban Studies Concentration
Choose five of the following (15 credits)

APY 300 Urban Anthropology (3)

CRJ 250 Social Issues in Policing a Multicultural Community (3)

GEO 310 Cultural Geography (3)

HIS 310 Urban History (3)

HIS 401 History of Buffalo (3)

PHI 368 The American City (3)



Call: (716) 880-2000

International Studies

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