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Is financial aid available to online students?

Medaille’s online programs are all fully accredited so our students are able to apply for financial aid.  Eligibility for aid is based on individual financial circumstances.  Students are highly encouraged to apply for aid as soon as they apply for admission as these are two different processes.  Students will not be considered for financial aid until they are accepted.

Can I complete this work at my own pace or will there be deadlines?

Each week will begin on Wednesday at midnight, and you will usually have a Saturday deadline for initial board discussions; however typical end of the week deadlines will occur each Tuesday at 11:59PM.

What if I can't complete an assignment in the timeframe allotted?

Your instructor may make exceptions based on circumstance.   Documentation may be required to support your need for an exception or extension. Students are encouraged to communicate with their instructor at the first sign of difficulty or issues affecting their academic performance.  The College prides itself on helping students be successful.

How much interaction will I really have with the instructor and other students?

Medaille Online students can take advantage of Blackboard Instant Messanger, a state of the art communication system to regularly stay in touch.

I'm sold! How do I apply?

If you are ready to take the next step begin the process by completing the online application.  We highly recommend that you call our Educational Counselors at (716) 217-4191 for assistance and support through the Admissions and Financial Aid processes.  They are enrollment professionals who are dedicated to your success. 

Computer requirements suggestion:

For Medaille College’s latest computer requirements please visit http://it.medaille.edu/computer

Do I have to be available every day for this online course?

Flexibility is a huge advantage to our online learning program. You can access the course at the same time as your professor. You are required to sign in regularly in order to stay up-to-date on class and group discussions, but if you are unavailable at a particular time, you will find the class waiting for you when you get back.

Why are Medaille's online courses shorter in length than regular courses? Do they not cover as much material?

Medaille's online courses each span seven weeks, which is the same length as our accelerated on-ground courses. We are able to design and deliver accelerated curriculum in a manner that optimizes learning. Since most of our online students want to complete their education as quickly as possible, they appreciate both the efficiency of acceleration and the flexibility of the online classroom.

Will I learn as much in an online program as in a regular program?

There is no difference in Medaille's online and regular campus course content. At Medaille, our skilled online instructors possess a high level of experience in their concentrations and all possess the required credentials and proven ability to teach.

Is an online degree really as valuable as a degree from a traditional college or university?

Without question, an online degree has the same value as a more traditional college degree. Our high-quality materials are skillfully administered and thoroughly assessed by qualified faculty. We take no shortcuts. Medaille College is a fully-accredited institution with a long history of educating students. Our online programs meet the same standards for rigor, comprehensiveness and accountability as any other Medaille program. And once you graduate, you join a growing community of Medaille alumni at work, in business, education and industry, and in your community.

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