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Student Accounts Office Overview

The Student Accounts office is responsible for billing tuition, fees, room and board and the posting of payments, financial aid and loans. Student Accounts also reviews accounts for refunding any payment in excess of the tuition, fees and room and board, if applicable.  Refunds are not processed until an account hits a credit balance.  Any questions or concerns regarding billing should be directed to the Student Accounts staff.

Tuition Electronic Bill Statements (E-Bill)

  • Medaille College sends out monthly tuition E-Bill statements, which will show balance due and when.  
  • Students and authorized users will receive an e-mail when a new E-Bill statement is ready.  
  • Students can access the E-Bill statement via their Medaille360 account. 
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E-Bill Home Page

Through the E-Bill home page you will be able to:

  • view current and previous e-bills,view current account status, and recent payments and credits
  • make payments using checking account or credit cards 24/7
  • see the courses the student is taking in the current semester
  • change your profile
  • set up authorized users.  
There are some great functions available through the e-billing system and the best way to learn them is to log on and try them out. If you have any computer problems, contact our IT Helpdesk at (716) 880-2282.
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Viewing E-Bill Statement

How to view your tuition E-Bill statement:

  1. Go to Medaille College’s home page of:  http://www.medaille.edu  
  2. Click on Medaille360 at bottom of page
  3. Log in with your username and password
  4. Click on 360 For Students at the top
  5. Click on the Billing & Financial Aid box
  6. Under Billing – click “Review eBill”
  7. This is your home page for your student account. At the top you’ll see your balance due less financial aid and this is what needs to be paid (if it’s not a zero or a negative number).
    You can click on:
    Make Payment - to make payments
    View Statements - to see your latest bill
    Payment Plans - to sign up for a payment plan at the start of the fall and spring semesters.
    Under “Billing” you can also click on “Account Summary by Term” to see each item that has posted to your student account.
You’ll see tuition, financial aid, course registration and methods of payment.  You can print the statement by holding the Control, “P” keys.  You can also make payments and set up authorized users.   This service is available 24/7 to make paying your bill on-line more convenient for you.
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Add a User

How to add an authorized user: (can only be set up by the student)

Follow steps 1 – 5 above.
Then click on “Add Authorized User:  at top of page.
  • The person you are adding as an authorized user must have a valid e-mail address.  
  • There are 2 access questions that default to yes:
    • Would you like to allow this person to view your billing statement?
    • Would you like to allow this person to view your payment history?
  • We recommend that you leave the default answer to say yes, Click Add User.
  • Read the authorization page and enter the last 4 digits of your student ID# as verification and click “I Agree”.

You will then receive notification that an Authorized User was added and that an e-mail was sent to them with instructions on how to log onto the account. An authorized user would be given access only to the E-Bill, but not any other function of Medaille360.

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E-Bill Text Messages

How to set up your account to receive a text message that your tuition E-Bill statement is ready for viewing:

  • Once logged onto Medaille360 and ready to view your bill (described above)
  • Click on "My Profiles" at top of page
  • Enter your mobile phone number, select carrier and save.
  • You will now also receive a text message on your phone as well as an e-mail that you have a new E-Bill to view.
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Questions about accessing your E-Bill?

If you are having problems viewing your E-Bill, the problem is usually one of 2 things:
  • Pop-up blockers: you will need to allow pop-up windows from that site.
  • If you are using Internet Explorer 9, you may not be able to see your E-Bill. Please use Firefox or downgrade to an earlier version of Internet Explorer.  Internet Explorer 8 is not compatible with the E-Bill software.
If you have installed/updated to Internet Explorer 8, the following steps can be taken to allow the e-bills.
  • Click on Tools menu
  • Select Compatibility View Settings. 
  • In the Compatibility View Settings dialog, check the box for Display all websites in Compatibility View option.
  • Click the Close button when done.
  • Close the Internet Explorer browser and then reopen Internet Explorer.
If this does not fix your problem, please contact the Medaille College IT help desk at (716) 880-2282.
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