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Medaille offers different delivery methods so you can find an academic schedule that works around your life. Our graduate programs are designed to get you the degree you need in as little time as possible so you can take the next step in your career.

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At the Medaille College Adult & Graduate Admissions Office we want to get to know you as an individual, help guide you the enrollment process and help you make a good decision about your academic journey.  We feel the best way to do this is for us to sit down and have a conversation with you or have you attend one of our many events or lecture series. 



You can arrange a personal appointment and tour by contacting the Buffalo Adult & Graduate Admissions Office at (716) 880-2568 or the Rochester Adult & Graduate Admissions Office at (585) 957-9367.

Appointments can be scheduled Monday through Thursday from 8am to 7pm, Friday from 8am to 5pm and Saturday from 9am to 12noon. 



Medaille College offers Information Sessions that allow you to explore your field of interest by meeting the faculty and admissions staff in our many graduate programs. Information on campus resources and financial aid will also be available.  Find upcoming Information Sessions.



Enjoy a free coffee and learn about the Medaille graduate education programs for Canadian students. Medaille representatives will be available to discuss the Canadian Education Programs (Teacher's College P/J or I/S). Application and information packages will also be available.  Seek out upcoming Coffee Talks.

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Medaille College offers a variety of scholarships for students enrolled in graduate programs. 

Medaille wants to reward you for pursuing the degree you deserve and advancing your career. There is no additional scholarship application required. 

To learn more about scholarship opportunities, contact admissions:

(716) 880-2568

(800) 292-1582

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Financial Aid

Medaille believes that no one should be denied the opportunity for a college education due to financial hardships. Our Financial Aid Office works with you to create an individualized plan to help pay for your education. There are a number of financial aid options available to you as a Medaille student, including loans, grants and academic scholarships. 

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Accepted Students

Congratulations on your acceptance into Medaille College!

The next step in your enrollment at Medaille College is to officially confirm your intention to begin your academic work and to submit your non-refundable tuition deposit.  Please complete and sign the Enrollment Confirmation Form to trigger the following actions, so that you are prepared for the next chapter in your educational journey:

  • Class registration
  • Finalization of your financial aid
  • Creation of your Medaille email, access to our learning platform (Blackboard) and student portal
  • Ordering of your textbooks


Within 48-72 hours of your Enrollment Confirmation Form being processed you will be able to do the following:

Accessing Medaille360


Medaille360 is where you go to access personal information such as grades, billing, and financial aid and access your Medaille email.

  • Please click on the following link:
  • Click on “Click here to pick up your first accounts” on the left side under “New to Medaille?
  • In the “What is your Banner ID number?” field, please enter your Social Security number.
  • Enter your date of birth, zip code, and country and click “OK”.
  • Continue following the directions in order to pick up and activate your accounts.


Accessing Blackboard


 In order to attend class you will need to access your Blackboard account. Blackboard is Medaille's virtual classroom.

  • Please click on the following link:
  • You will use the same username and password that you used to access your Medaille360 account. If you do not know your username and password, please contact me and I will help you retrieve it.
  • Once you have accessed Blackboard, you will see several boxes on the homepage such as “My Messages”, “My Courses”, “What’s New”, and “Alerts.” Your course will be listed in the “My Courses” box.
  • Please click on the class listed in your “My Courses” box and this will take you into the virtual classroom. On the left side you will see links to assignments, weekly lectures, and group discussions.
  • Begin by clicking on “Course Information” on the left. You will see a link titled “How to Use this Course.” This will give you detailed instructions on how to use each section of the class.
  • You may begin participating in the class by clicking “Start Here (Content).” Feel free to move around in the classroom and get comfortable with the online system.

Please write down your username and password in order to access your Medaille360 and Blackboard accounts. Once you have picked up and activated your account, it can take up to 24 hours before you have access. If you cannot access your accounts, please contact the Medaille Help Desk at (716) 880-2282.


Agreements and Academic Policies

It is essential that all students understand the academic policies of Medaille College as set forth in our academic catalog

Academic grades can affect your ability to choose your own courses and register on your own.

Please be mindful of how these policies affect you and use this information as a resource. Knowing and understanding these policies will help you to avoid confusion and assist you as you pursue your academic goals. I look forward to supporting you throughout your enrollment with Medaille College.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 800-292-1582 or via email at

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Contact us:

Phone: (716) 880-2568


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