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You are a professional with a demanding schedule, balancing your career, family and education. You'll find Medaille College's online programs flexible, challenging, fulfilling and above all, manageable.

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Admission Requirements

Specific admission requirements vary by degree program. Please click on the degree you are seeking for detailed information:

Associate and Bachelor Degrees

Master’s Degrees

Advanced Certificate (Post-Master’s)


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At the Medaille College Adult and Graduate Admissions Office we want to get to know you as an individual, help guide you the enrollment process and help you make a good decision about your academic journey.  We feel the best way to do this is for us to sit down and have a conversation with you or have you attend one of our many events or lecture series. 

Admissions Interview and Campus Tours

You can arrange a personal appointment and tour by contacting the Buffalo Adult & Graduate Admissions Office at (716) 880-2568 or the Rochester Adult & Graduate Admissions Office at (585) 272-0030.

Appointments can be scheduled Monday through Thursday from 8am to 7pm, Friday from 8am to 5pm and Saturday from 9am to 12noon. 

Information Sessions

Medaille College offer Information Sessions that allow you to explore your field of interest by meeting the faculty and admissions staff in our many graduate programs. Information on campus resources and financial aid will also be available.  Register here for upcoming events.

Coffee Talks

Enjoy a free Starbucks coffee and learn about the Medaille graduate education programs for Canadian students. Medaille representatives will be available to discuss the Canadian Education Programs (Teacher's College P/J or I/S). Application and information packages will also be available.  For detail and to register click here


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Medaille College offers a variety of scholarships for students enrolled in online programs. There is no additional scholarship application required. 

To learn more about scholarship opportunities, check out our scholarship page.

Or, you may contact admissions directly:

(716) 880-2568

(800) 292-1582

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Financial Aid

Medaille believes that no one should be denied the opportunity for a college education due to financial hardships. Our Financial Aid Office works with you to create an individualized plan to help pay for your education so you can get your degree without adding more stress to your daily life.

There are a number of financial aid options available to you as a Medaille student, including loans, grants and academic scholarships.

Learn More 

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Accepted Students

The next step in your enrollment at Medaille College is to officially confirm your intention to begin your academic work.  Please complete and sign the Enrollment Confirmation Form to trigger the following actions, so that you are prepared for the next chapter in your educational journey:

  • Class registration
  • Finalization of your financial aid
  • Creation of your Medaille email, access to our learning platform (Blackboard) and student portal
  • Ordering of your textbooks

Within 48-72 hours of your Enrollment Confirmation Form being processed you will be able to do the following:

Accessing Medaille360


Medaille360 is where you go to access personal information such as grades, billing, and financial aid and access your Medaille email.

  • Please click on the following link:
  • Click on “Click here to pick up your first accounts” on the left side under “New to Medaille?
  • In the “What is your Banner ID number?” field, please enter your Social Security number.
  • Enter your date of birth, zip code, and country and click “OK”.
  • Continue following the directions in order to pick up and activate your accounts.

 Accessing Blackboard


 In order to attend class you will need to access your Blackboard account. Blackboard is Medaille's virtual classroom.

  • Please click on the following link:
  • You will use the same username and password that you used to access your Medaille360 account. If you do not know your username and password, please contact me and I will help you retrieve it.
  • Once you have accessed Blackboard, you will see several boxes on the homepage such as “My Messages”, “My Courses”, “What’s New”, and “Alerts.” Your course will be listed in the “My Courses” box.
  • Please click on the class listed in your “My Courses” box and this will take you into the virtual classroom. On the left side you will see links to assignments, weekly lectures, and group discussions.
  • Begin by clicking on “Course Information” on the left. You will see a link titled “How to Use this Course.” This will give you detailed instructions on how to use each section of the class.
  • You may begin participating in the class by clicking “Start Here (Content).” Feel free to move around in the classroom and get comfortable with the online system.

Please write down your username and password in order to access your Medaille360 and Blackboard accounts. Once you have picked up and activated your account, it can take up to 24 hours before you have access. If you cannot access your accounts, please contact the Medaille Help Desk at (716) 880-2282.

Purchasing Textbooks

Medaille College Online Bookstore

You will be purchasing textbooks through the online bookstore….

Please click on the following link:

  • Click on Books in the blue bar near the top of the page  
  • For Select Your Program, select All.
  • Select Your Term.
  • Select Your Department.
  • For Select Your Course, please choose the number that corresponds to your first

class listed above in your course list.

  • Select Your Section.
  • Click Submit.

The next page will display all the required textbooks and materials for your course. View the options for each textbook, such as buying, renting, or digital options. Select the option you would like and add them to your cart. If you choose to rent, please complete the rental agreement section before you make payment. Once your purchase decisions have been made, you can select Go to Cart and then review your cart items. Once you have confirmed your items, please click “Checkout.”

Next, create a new account. Click on Register under New Users. Please complete your billing and shipping information. You can use either your Medaille or personal email address. You will then select your shipping and payment method. If you have a book voucher, you may enter your student ID and Student Account Services will verify your information to confirm that you are eligible for the voucher. After completing the payment portion, you will continue the checkout procedure and confirm your order.

Agreements and Academic Policies

It is essential that all students understand the academic policies of Medaille College as set forth in our academic catalog, which you can access at

Academic grades can affect your ability to choose your own courses and register on your own.

Please be mindful of how these policies affect you and use this information as a resource. Knowing and understanding these policies will help you to avoid confusion and assist you as you pursue your academic goals. I look forward to supporting you throughout your enrollment with Medaille College. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at (716) 217-4191 or


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Instructional Methodology

Instructional Methodology FAQs

How can we cover enough material for a four-credit course in just seven weeks?

What is self-directed learning?

What is collaborative learning?

How much time will I need to allow for my work each week?

Who teaches the Undergraduate and Graduate Program online classes?

What options are available if I am having trouble keeping up with a class?

What happens if I have to miss a class?


Q: How can we cover enough material for a four-credit course in just seven weeks?

A:  Medaille believes in the Theory of Andragogy, or the science of adut learning. It underpins all of our academic efforts for our post-traditional programming. Within Andragogy, two educational sub-concepts form the foundation of our classroom experiences: self-directed learning and collaborative learning. By blending academic experiences that take advantage of an adult's unique life experiences, and the experiences of their peers, we stongly believe that the most effective and efficient learning experience can be achieved.  

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Q: What is self-directed learning?

A: In a traditional learning environment, educational activities are directed by an instructor.  Initial instruction - defined as the first time a student is exposed to a concept - typically takes place in the classroom under the watchful direction of the teacher.  Medaille's post-traditional programming acknowledges that most of our students have outgrown this traditional model.  Classroom time will be used to apply, evaluate or analyze concepts that you have first researched and explored.  Most initial instruction will take place as part of your individual assignments.  Next, you will be asked to manipulate and further examine those concepts in either a group setting, or over discussion.  Finally, you will come to class having already been exposed to the concepts twice, and ready to move on to higher thinking activities such as application and analysis.

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Q: What is collaborative learning?

A: Collaborative learning refers to the active interaction that occurs when a group of students undertake a learning experience.  It may be one study group member explaining concept to another, or it may be a group of stimulating discussions that generate insightful and original solutions. 

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Q: Each week, how much time will I need to allow for learning activities?

A: You can anticipate to spend several hours a week on learning activities. Depending on the course and your own learning style, you will need to develop an effective time mangement plan.

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Q: Who facilitates online courses?

A: We are very proud of our faculty because they represent a unique combination of educational and business experiences.  All of our instructors hold the necessary academic qualifications and degrees, and are carefuly vetted. Most also bring years of experience in local business.  It's this personal knowledge of how the business world operates that is cited again and again by our graduates as one of Medaille's strengths. In short, we bring far more than just textbook learning to the classroom. 

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Q: What options are available if I am having trouble keeping up with a class?

A: Sometimes programs may move too quickly for a student. Under Medialle's Student Choice Schedule, you can easily adjust the pace of your learning by contacting your advisor. Also, tutoring is always available for you; we can provide tutoring in most subjects for individuals or groups. Buffalo Students can contact the Academic Support Center at (716) 880-2214. Rochester Students can request for tutoring online. Our programs typically move rapidly, so feel free to request help if you need it! 

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Q: What happens if I have to miss a class?

A: Attendance in an online course is mandatory. However, we could not tailor a program for working adults without planning for such contingencies as business travel, family emergencies, and illness. If you do miss a week, you will be responsible for communicating with the instructor and completing the work. Because of the accelerated nature of our programs, absences must be kept to a minimum.

NOTE: If you do not log-on to Blackboard and participate 3 weeks in a row, you are automatically withdrawn from the course. Changes in registration may affect your financial aid status.

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Contact us at:


(716) 217-4191




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