Medaille College 3 Plus 3 Program with UB School of Law: Earn Your Bachelor's Degree and Law Degree in Just 6 Years Instead of 7

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3+3 Program with UB School of Law

Medaille College
3+3 Program with
UB School of Law


Interested in a law degree? With our new 3+3 program, you can earn both a bachelor’s degree from Medaille College and a law degree from UB (University at Buffalo) School of Law in six years, instead of the usual seven, saving you one full year of tuition!

About the 3+3 Program with UB School of Law

The program is open to Medaille students who have maintained a 3.5 GPA and completed three years of undergraduate work. To become eligible, students must take the LSAT, complete the UB School of Law application, and complete all required coursework toward the B.A./B.S. degree. Applications must be submitted to UB School of Law in the junior year.

The UB School of Law understands that qualified undergraduate students have the ability to complete their bachelor’s degree and law degree in less time than the seven years of education typically required. Undergraduates at Medaille College are encouraged to accelerate their course of study in order to complete their bachelor’s degree and Juris Doctorate in just six years, saving students a full year of tuition.

Upon successful completion of the first year of their law school curriculum, students’credits for the year are transferred to Medaille College to complete their bachelor’s degree requirements.


Full Eligibility Requirements

This program is available to undergraduates who, by the end of their third (junior) year of study, have:

Completed a minimum of 90 credit hours through residency, Advanced Placement or transfer credits, including:

Completion of undergraduate core curriculum as defined by Medaille College;

Completion of all course requirements of the undergraduate program(s) in which the student is majoring/minoring, or who have an agreement in writing from program director(s) to accept courses taken at UB School of Law as satisfying requirements

A cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above through 90 credits of undergraduate work;

An LSAT score at or above the median LSAT for the School of Law’s previous year’s enrolled class or GRE scores at or above the 70th percentile in verbal reasoning and at or above the 40th percentile in quantitative reasoning.

We recommend that current Medaille students interested in this opportunity consult with their academic advisor during their freshman or sophomore year to discuss and plan for the application.


Application Process

Eligible college juniors must take either the LSAT or GRE no later than January and apply to UB School of Law by no later than February 1. 3+3 program candidates are also required to submit two academic letters of recommendation from Medaille College faculty. Once all required admission materials are received by UB, the School of Law will review and arrive at an admission decision. The UB School of Law reserves the right to conduct an in-person admission interview prior to arriving at a final decision.


What Can You Do with a J.D. Degree?

Holders of Juris Doctorate degrees go on to careers including, but not limited to:Scales of Justice

Professional Litigators

Corporate Counselors

Civil Defense Attorneys

Research Lawyers

Public Defenders

Junior Associates




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