7 Steps for Successful Online Learning at Medaille University

7 Steps for Successful Online Learning

7 Steps for Successful Online Learning at Medaille University

Maximus the Maverick Online Learning at Medaille1. Log into Blackboard

  • You will receive an email from your Enrollment Counselor instructing you to pick up your account.
  • Be sure your Username and Password works.
  • Having troubles? Contact the IT dept at (716) 880-2282 or 1 (844) 381-HELP.


2. Complete your Intro to Blackboard LMS Training Module

  • Access the module through Blackboard.
  • Prepare to spend about 1 to 2 hours.
  • Discover all that is involved with online learning.


3. Make an Appointment for Academic Advisement

  • Make an appointment by emailing Student Services at onlinestudentservices@medaille.edu.
  • Review your Degree Completion Plan (DCP) and your academic alternatives.
  • Discuss your course requirements and schedule planning.
  • For Undergraduate students, this is a homework assignment for the first course.


4. Be Prepared Before your Class Starts

  • Locate your course in Blackboard. You can view the course 7 days before the course starts.
  • Print documents - if you lose access to your computer or the Internet, you still know your assignments and have reading material.
  • Write down the instructor’s contact information.
  • Read the course syllabus before clicking on “Start Here.”


5. Purchase your Textbooks

  • Online students are required to purchase their own books.
  • It is a good practice to purchase your textbooks for your next course sometime after Week Four in your current course.
  • Books and other materials can be found at the Medaille Bookstore.


6. Assess your Readiness

  • Is this format good for your learning style? Online courses are convenient but they require more discipline. There is often a misconception that they are easier than on-campus courses, but this is not the case.
  • Do you have the time necessary to be successful? It is estimated that you should have a minimum of 6.5 hours per week, per credit hour, to devote to the online course.
  • Do you have the support of family and friends to go back to school? Mental preparation and a support team can add to your success. Are you prepared to say “No” to invitations that will take you away from your online studies? Can you give up the PTA meeting, coaching this season, a football game or dance recital?


7. Get Help


With nearly a decade of online education experience, we at Medaille University know a thing or two about how best to succeed in earning your online degree. If you wish to be a successful online university student, preparation and discipline are key. You'll need to set aside approximately 6.5 hours per week, per credit hour, for your coursework. For example, for a 3-credit hour course, you can expect to spend approximately 19.3 hours per week outside of your online class. So, be sure you have blocks of time that you can devote to learning and homework. You may have to keep yourself extra disciplined as an online student, but you do have the benefits of a flexible schedule to do the coursework around work, family and life, when it is convenient for you.

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