Brad Davies '13

Alumni Brad Davies

Brad Davies

EMT, Warsaw Fire Department

[Being a part of SGA] has forced me to be organized. I’ve learned how to deal with different people and personality types, and I’ve learned how to approach and work with [those in positions of power],

About Brad Davies:

By Kevin Bates

Brad Davies ’13 is not your typical college student. Articulate, soft-spoken, and wise beyond his years, Davies’ life — personally, academically, and professionally — epitomizes the concept of engagement. Indeed, for this unassuming Medaille senior, serving others is a way of life.

For many students, the idea of spending a summer away from school battling fires, saving lives, and maintaining one’s church sounds like the antithesis of relaxation. For Davies, such activities make up “just another day.”

As an EMT with his local fire department, the Warsaw, N.Y.-native spends much of his spare time at home continuing the legacy started by past generations of his family. Constantly regaled with the heroism of his grandfather — a firefighter himself — and continually at the beck-and-call of his cousin, the first-chief of the Village fire department, the roots of Davies’ passion for community service run deep. Surrounded by such selfless mentors, it is no surprise that Davies’ commitment to service has stretched beyond the firehouse.

This commitment has also been demonstrated in the support that he provides to his church in Warsaw. Growing up, Davies saw his mother work two full-time jobs to support him while spending her “free time” maintaining the church. Davies points to his mother’s example when reflecting on his philosophy regarding service and integrity, explaining, “my mother has shown me the great values that there are to life, she has shown me the standards that I should live up to and…how to set goals for myself to achieve.” With these lessons in mind, Davies recently took it upon himself to continue his mother’s legacy of service, routinely maintaining the building and grounds and even creating a business plan to help expand the reach and improve the efficiency of the church’s food pantry. Yet, Davies’ desire to serve in whatever community he finds himself has propelled him beyond Warsaw’s limits.

In the spring of 2011, Davies was elected as Treasurer of Medaille’s Student Government Association (SGA). The opportunity to give back to the college community he has grown to love, serve as a leader on campus, and engage those individuals who can truly influence the lives of students were all factors that contributed to his decision to run for office. Since being elected, however, he has also begun to recognize the personal and professional growth that can come from such a position. Says Davies, “[being a part of SGA] has forced me to be organized. I’ve learned how to deal with different people and personality types, and I’ve learned how to approach and work with [those in positions of power],” attributes that he hopes will serve him well later in life — and allow him to serve others better. Of course, Davies’ unwavering commitment to the happiness and success of Medaille students is not limited to his service with the SGA. He is also a member of the Student Activities
Board, the primary source of student programming on campus and an outlet for Davies’ dedication and creativity.

Davies came to Medaille because of what he thought it could offer him: small class sizes, a strong psychology program, and a good geographic location relative to his hometown. Ironically, over the past four years, Davies has, unknowingly and unintentionally, demonstrated that he can offer as much to the college community as it can offer to him. To Davies, the story just told sounds like an ordinary “day in the life." To his community, however, he is anything but ordinary. And for that, Medaille is grateful.

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