Cost of Attendance

The cost of attendance is made up of both direct and in-direct costs. Direct costs are those that will appear on your eBill and are required to be paid by you to the College. These costs include tuition, resource or book fees (if applicable) and, room and board (if applicable). The in-direct costs are made up of expenses that the College does not bill you. These include off-campus room and board, books, supplies, transportation and personal costs. The cost of attendance is based upon your program and major, number of terms you will be enrolled and your status (full-time or part-time).

Understanding Your Cost of Attendance

Below, we have described the composition of each category of your cost of attendance:

  • Tuition and Fees - based upon Board of Trustee approved 2014-2015 rates. These rates are re-evaulated each year.
  • Books - only required books will be included in the student's cost of attendance and will vary by program, major, and class year. These costs are identified by each individual school/program and revised each academic year.
  • Room and Board – Medaille  assesses three variations of room and board: On-campus, off-campus and commuting:
  • On-campus - Applies to students who are living in on-campus housing. As a direct cost is assessed on the cost per housing unit and the student selected meal plan. These charges will be included on the student's bill.
  • Off-campus - Applies to students who are living off-campus in dwellings that are not official Medaille housing. An analysis has been done to assess an average for rentals, utilities and food expenses in the Buffalo area.
  • Commuting - Applies to students who are living with family while commuting to and from school. There are no room costs assessed for these students based on the federal requirements regarding living with family
  • Transportation - based upon the following possible expenses: gas/tolls/mileage, public transportation and a limited number of trips home during the academic year. Should a student own a vehicle, additional expenses can be included in the cost of attendance which cover the following: maintenance and car insurance.
  • Personal - this allows for the following expenses: personal sundry items and minor entertainment costs.

* Please note: Students in online programs are not eligible to have the following components included in their cost of attendance: room and board, travel or personal.

Viewing Your Cost of Attendance

If you are a new student, your cost of attendance will be included in your financial aid award letter. If you are a continuing student, you can view your cost of attendance via Medaille One:

  • Log in to Medaille One.
  • Select the "Student" tab.
  • Select the "My Overall Status of Financial Aid" link in the Billing and Financial Aid section.
  • Select the academic year.
  • Click the "cost of attendance" hyperlink.

2014-2015 Cost of Attendance by Program

Please select the appropriate program below to view specific information about your cost of attendance:

  • Undergraduate Programs (insert url for new pages on Tuition Grid pages)
  • Adult and Graduate Programs
  • Online Programs

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