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Living Like a Maverick – Your home away from home

You decided that Medaille College is the place for you. Great! Now, you’re trying to determine if you want to live on campus? Medaille Residence Life offers more than just a place to live. Convenience, safety, programming and a student-focused environment makes living on campus a logical choice. Residing on campus keeps you close to classes and campus life.

Your college experience can be exciting, challenging, and rewarding. One of the best ways to enhance your college career is to live on campus. National statistics show that on-campus residents maintain higher grade point averages and have a higher graduation rate than students who live off campus.

Academic support, safety measures, and a friendly staff help keep you focused on what’s important. Living on campus provides opportunity to be academically successful, connect with other students, get involved and still find a way place to retreat to at the end of the day.

Housing for New/Incoming Students for Fall 2019

New and incoming students should refer to this link for details regarding Housing for Fall 2019.

North Residence Hall

This three-story residence contains 140 student beds, a kitchen and lounge, computer lab, and laundry rooms. This building has a mix of traditional suite-style rooms (two bedrooms bridged by a bathroom) and 2- and 3-bedroom apartments.  Every student is provided their own bed, desk, chair, dresser, and closet.

The first floor lounge is generally used for informal meetings and for hanging out in the evenings and on weekends. The second floor lounge is a popular spot for students to cook full meals, entertain guests, and has comfortable seating for late-night studying.

A laundry center is available for residents to use on the first floor.

The residential mailroom where students receive packages is also located in the North Residence Hall. 

South Residence Hall

This five-story residence was built in 2003, and accommodates over 250 resident students. South Residence Hall has double rooms in a traditional corridor style with an individual bathroom inside each room.  Every student is provided their own bed, desk, chair, dresser, and wardrobe. 

Floors 2 through 5 have a lounge area that contains a TV, kitchenette, computer station, and laundry facilities.


Residency Requirement

Freshman and Sophomore students who do not reside with their parents or legal guardians (within a 50 mile radius) are required to live in College owned housing. Status is determined prior to the start of the Fall semester for the entire academic year.

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