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Have questions about living on campus?  Wanna be in the know? These are the answers to the questions that we are most frequently asked.

Who is the Residence Life Team?

Each floor in the residence has 1-2 Resident Assistants (RAs), who are student para-professional members of the Residence Life team and who are responsible for creating community in the residence halls, serving as a resource for resident students and assisting students in making the transition to college and living with others,

Both residence halls are overseen by a Residence Director (RD) who is a graduate student. The RDs supervise and train the RAs, assist to resolve roommate conflicts, manage maintenance requests, serve as conduct officers and manage the day-to-day operations of the residence halls. Other employees working in the hall(s) include the maintenance/housekeeping staff, and student front desk and mailroom employees. If you are eligible for Work Study and interested in Residence Life employment, please visit http://www.medaille.edu/work-study .

What is "programming" in the residence halls?

The Resident Student Council and Resident Assistants provide opportunities to socialize, engage in your residence hall community and learn more about your education and yourself. These programs give you the opportunity to meet new people, become acquainted with some of the resources we have and give you a chance to relax and enjoy yourself. Some programs may include movie nights, floor dinners, trips to local events, etc.. Contact your RA to make suggestions about what you would like to see happen and get involved!

What kinds of safety precautions are being taken in the residence halls?

The North and South Residence Halls can be accessed only with an individual electronic access Key Card which is also the student’s ID. Only residents who reside on campus can use their ID cards to gain access to the residence halls. We also require all guests/visitors to sign in at the front desks from 7:00 pm – 7:00 am.  In addition,there are also monitored cameras located in the hallways, lobbies and elevators for additional security.

What should I do if my roommate and I do not get along?

In the event that you are paired with someone that you are incompatible with, your RA or RD will assist you in having a mediated conversation with your roommate to come to a mutually beneficial outcome. If the situation is found to be irresolvable, the individual who initiated complaint will be offered the opportunity to switch to a space in a new room. RAs will complete Roommate Agreements with their residents during the first two weeks of the Fall semester to help put in writing any mutual expectations.

What is the visitation policy?

Residents are allowed to have a visitor within their immediate living area during specific times of the day or night, any day of the week. Residents may have guests until 2:00 am, Sunday through Thursday and until 3:00 am, Friday through Saturday. All non-Medaille guests must be registered at the front desk of the host’s residence hall before 12:00am during the school week and before 2:00am during the weekend. The host resident is responsible for the conduct of the visitor at all times and must escort them the entire time. Residents may have overnight guests any day of the week, not exceeding twice in a 7 day period. Residents should seek approval from their riimate prior to arranging an overnight guest visit.  Overnight guests must register at the residence hall main desk before midnight.  No guests under the age of 18 are permitted in the residence halls.

Are there storage facilities on campus?

Unfortunately we do not offer storage accommodations for residents. While it is important to bring certain personal items from home, it is advised to pack mainly essentials to ensure that you will have a comfortable living space. Be prepared to utilize your space effectively. Summer storage is not available. Local storage units in the area may be available for summer storage.  Students have had success working with Atlas Collegiate Storage and Moving (http://www.atlaswny.com/ ), a local storage company owned and operated by a Medaille grad.

Can I decorate my room?

Yes, decorations on the walls make your room look more like home, but we ask your cooperation in following the procedures below when decorating your room. Failure to follow these regulations may result in damage charges at the end of the year. All pictures, bulletin boards, posters, shelves, and other decorations must be hung with mounting squares. Please refrain from placing decals or adhesive plaques on doors, walls, woodwork or vinyl. We also ask that you not use any type of nails or screws on doors, walls, woodwork or vinyl.

Can I bring my computer?

Of course!  Both residence halls are fully wireless and ethernet is also available in all residence hall rooms. There are also computers and printers available for use in the residence hall lounges. Check out the IT Website is you have specific questions about your computing needs http://it.medaille.edu/.  Visit the Information Technology office for details at 107 Humboldt or contact the Helpdesk at (716)880-2282.

Do I have to be on the campus meal plan?

Yes, all students residing on campus are required to have a meal plan and it is factored into your room and board charges for the year. The College's dining facilities are managed by Chartwell's Dining and Catering Services.

Meal plan options are as follows:

19 meals per week ($100 declining balance)

15 meals per week ($200 declining balance)

10 meals per week ($400 declining balance)

Students may also opt to purchase Mavs Bucks which can be used in several places on campus, such at the 4th floor café and the bookstore.

What kinds of appliances are allowed in Residence Hall rooms?

Heating elements with automatic shut-offs and grounded surge protectors are allowed, as well as all U.L. approved electrical appliances such as lamps, radios, and televisions. Heating/cooking equipment, with the exception of small microwaves, is not to be used in student rooms for reasons of safety, health, and sanitation. In addition, halogen lamps, candles, incense, hot plates, toaster ovens and extension cords are not permitted in any residential space. Appliances not approved for use in student rooms will be confiscated.

Can I have a pet?

Because of the health risks, allergies etc. residents are not allowed to have pets in their rooms - there are exceptions supported under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Fish tanks (no larger than 5 gallons) for small fish are allowed and students may use water circulators to keep tanks clean. Even though they are kept in tanks, mammals (rats, mice, ferrets, etc) and reptiles are not permitted.

Can I bring a bike to school?

Yes, but bicycles must be stored appropriately. You may utilize the bicycle rack outside of the South Residence Hall. Bikes are not allowed to be used in hallways, walkways or student rooms. Bikes found in any of these areas will be removed. Winter bike storage is not available.

Are there times when students have to be quiet on the floors?

Quiet hours are in effect in all residences from 11:00 pm - 7:00 am Sunday through Thursday, and 12:00 am - 7:00 am Friday and Saturday. Courtesy hours are 24 hours per day. This does not mean that you can be loud outside of these specified hours; priority must be given to a resident’s request for studying or sleeping.

Where do I go if I need medical attention?

In case of serious injury or illness, please notify our Public Safety office at 716-880-2911. The Student Health Center hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm or by appointment. You can make an appointment to see the Nurse or Doctor by calling (716) 880-2112. Counseling Services are also available. Please call (716) 880-2339 for assistance. Public Safety is open 24 hours, 7 days per week and can be reached by calling (716) 880-2911.

What do I do if I lose my ID card or key?

Loss of either Key Cards or Hard Keys should be reported to your RD as soon as possible. The charge for the replacement of ID card is $10.  THe charge for a replacement hard key is $30.00. You will be sent to Public Safety to receive a duplicate Key Card or Hard Key. Please note that you will need to have your meal plan reactivated in the Student Affairs Office located on the 2nd floor of the Sullivan Center once you have received your new ID card.

Where do I get my mail?

Students residing in the North or South Hall have assigned mailboxes in their respective halls. Mail is delivered on a daily basis, usually by 4pm. Packages and parcels can be picked up at the designated Mail Room. Hours will be posted once the semester begins. Students must bring their package slip and campus ID in order to receive their packages and/or parcels.

Can first-year resident students have cars?

Due to the limited number of parking spaces on campus, first-year resident students may not park on campus. Upper-class students may have cars on campus, but must strictly abide by all policies set forth by the Public Safety Office. Parking Permits are available in the Public Safety Office during the first week of classes for each semester.

Where do I go to do my laundry and how much will it cost?

Laundry rooms are provided on the first floor of the North Residence Hall and on each floor, except for the first floor in the South Residence Hall. These rooms are open 24 hours a day for student use. THERE IS NO COST FOR USE OF THE WASHERS AND DRYERS. 

How can I become an RA?

Students who are going into their second year at Medaille are eligible to be a Resident Assistant.  We typically hold a three-week selection process in the spring semester to fill vacancies for the following year.  Keep your eyes open for signs in November/December regarding information sessions and application process. 

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