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What if I have car trouble?
Call Public Safety at (716) 880-2911. They will assist if they can, or will help you contact someone who can assist you.

Where can I park?
During the day, students with a valid commuter parking permit may park in any clearly striped parking space that is not marked for some other purpose, such as "Commercial Parking," "Visitor Parking" or "Reserved Parking". New commuter students are to park at the Buffalo Zoo lot and take the NFTA shuttle back to Campus. New commuter students may park on Campus after 2 p.m. provided the Campus lot is open. New freshman residents are not allowed to have a car on Campus. Special permission applications must be approved in order for a freshman resident to bring a car onto Campus. These applications can be located on the college’s website and they must be submitted to Public Safety for approval.

How do I get a parking permit?
You can obtain a parking permit from the Public Safety Office. There is no fee. You will need to provide us with your banner number and vehicle information (bring registration). You will receive a copy of the Parking Permit Policy when you pick up your permit from our office.

What if I need an escort to walk me to my car?
If you are in need of an escort for any reason, please contact Public Safety at (716) 880-2911. They will escort you anywhere on Campus at any time of the day or night and during any adverse weather conditions.

What if I get a parking ticket?
Pay your tickets! However, if you think you have a valid excuse, please submit your reasons in writing to Public Safety (within 10 days of the issuance of the ticket) using a parking dispute form. A hearing will be held where the ticket will be discussed and a decision will be made. Failure to pay tickets, failure to apply for a hearing, or failure to show up for a hearing will result in a hold on the students account.

How do I report a crime?
At anytime if you need to report a crime, please contact the Department of Public Safety at (716) 880-2911 and speak with an Officer as soon as possible.

What do I do if I am assaulted?
Contact Public Safety immediately at (716) 880-2911. They will put you in touch with the appropriate medical, law enforcement and/or crisis services and/or Campus counselor.

Are there Public Safety Officers in the residence halls?
When school is in session, there is a Public Safety Officer posted in each one of the Residence Halls between the hours of 12 a.m. and 6 a.m.

I am locked out of my (car, residence hall, office). Help!
If you are locked out of your car, unfortunately Public Safety cannot retrieve your keys for you, but we can help you contact someone who will. If you get locked out of your Residence Hall please call your RA. In the event they cannot be reached, contact Public Safety at (716) 880-2911 and we will gladly assist you in getting back into your room. If you get locked out of your office, please give us a call and we will be happy to let you back into your office.

I live in a Residence Hall and I lost my Medaille College ID card. What do I do?
On the Medaille website search for replacement ID card. Fill out the form and print out the confirmation page. Bring the form to Public Safety and we will issue you a new card. There is a fee for lost cards. Your Resident Director will provide you with further information.

How do I find out if school is closed due to bad weather?
You can be the first to know if you sign up to the Medaille College Alert system on the  Alert page. We will alert you via text message, cell phone, house phone, and/or email of any school closings or other emergencies. Contact the IT help desk for assistance in signing up for the program. These announcements are also available on local major television and radio news outlets.

Contact Public Safety

2911 on campus
(716) 880-2911
2 Agassiz Circle

Annual Security and Fire Reports

Includes crime prevention, security procedures, policies, crime reports, and fire safety policies and reports.

Hard copies of these reports are available from the Public Safety office, 2 Agassiz Circle or by calling (716) 880-2911


Emergency Management Documents

Emergency Management Plan

Emergency Management Appendices 

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