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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request a transcript?
Currently enrolled students: Request transcript through your Medaille360 account.
Not currently enrolled: Submit a completed and signed Transcript Request Form PDF. Completed forms can be dropped off at the Registrar Office or submitted via mail, fax or email attachment to registrar@medaille.edu

How do I apply for graduation?
Students must apply for graduation through Medaille360. Follow these graduation application directions.

I’ve graduated – when will I receive my diploma?
Diplomas are ordered approximately two weeks after conferral dates. You may expect your diploma to arrive 6-8 weeks after your conferral date.

What is the difference between my graduation date and my conferral date?
Graduation date is the date of the graduation ceremony. Conferral date is the date on your diploma, depending on which month your degree is conferred (May 31, August 31 or December 31).

How do I change my name, address or phone number?

How do I register for classes?
Undergraduate Buffalo Campus students are registered when they meet with their advisor to plan their class schedule. -  Students should check with the Registrar’s Office to find out how registration is processed in their particular degree program. Please email studentservices@medaille.edu.

How do I see/print my class schedule?
Class schedules are accessible through your Medaille360 account which you can always access from the home page of the Medaille College website.

Once I’m registered, what if I want to change my schedule?
Most schedule changes are made by meeting with an advisor, student services or department chair. Buffalo Campus students complete drop/add forms with advisors and submit completed forms to Registrar.

How do I change my major or my concentration?
Submit completed Change of Status Form PDF. The form must be signed by appropriate official - your advisor or department chairperson.

I would like to take a course at another institution over the summer. Do I need permission?
Yes. Please provide the course description for the course you wish to take elsewhere to the Registrar's Office before you register for the course. The Registrar's Office will provide you with confirmation or the reason why the course will not transfer in. When you have proper confirmation that the course will transfer to Medaille, you may register for the course at the other institution. Upon completion of the course, please forward your official transcript showing the grade you received to the Registrar's Office.

Can I forward emails received in my Medaille email account to another email account?
Yes. Go to Computer Accounts Management Service (CAMS). Login with your Medaille360 login and password. Click on the person next to the mail host mail under account information. Here you can change or cancel your mail forwarding.

What is Pass/Fail?
Medaille College offers the P/F grade primarily as an encouragement for undergraduate students to take more challenging courses than they might without endangering their GPA's. Complete details can be found by requesting a Pass/Fail form available in the Registrar’s Office. There is a deadline by which students can apply for Pass/Fail – usually at the 2/3 mark or 10th week of the semester. Pass/Fail deadlines are posted on the academic calendar for each semester.

How do I withdraw from school or take a leave of absence?
Students must meet with an advisor or department chair and complete the Withdrawal Form.

What is the difference between dropping a class and withdrawing from a class?
Students should contact advisors before any schedule changes are made. Students can drop a class anytime before the add/drop deadline with no financial liability or grade. After the add/drop deadline, students can only withdraw from a class and will receive a grade of W with financial liability per a predetermined rate assigned to specific time periods within the semester. Withdrawal deadlines are posted on the academic calendar.

How do I order a replacement diploma?
Submit completed Diploma Reorder Form PDF. Mail, fax, or scan and email completed form to registrar@medaille.edu. The fee for a replacement diploma is $50. Your replacement diploma will arrive within 6-8 weeks from date of request.

Whom should I contact about verification of my New York State Teaching Certification?
For any NYS Teaching Certification inquiry, contact the Education Department: (716) 880-2623.

What coursework/testing can be considered for transfer credit by Medaille College?
Medaille College considers the following for transfer credit upon receipt of your official transcript:

  • Credits earned from a regionally accredited college/university: In the area of a student’s major program of study only grades of C or better are transferable. Medaille may accept in transfer up to 12 credit hours of D grades as liberal arts electives or free electives provided that the overall transfer average is at least 2.0. Only credit is transferable; grades, quality points, and cumulative averages do not transfer.
  • Credits earned through the Academic Alternatives program.

How do I request an enrollment verification certificate?
Students may request an enrollment verification certificate directly through their Medaille 360 account. All certifications of enrollment for Medaille College are now obtained through the National Student Loan Clearinghouse. Medaille College has authorized the National Student Loan Clearinghouse to issue all official certifications of enrollment on their behalf. This site also provides personalized enrollment status information, deferment notifications, proofs of enrollment provided, and specific student loan information.

Please follow these instructions to obtain your certification of enrollment:

  1. Log on to Medaille360.
  2. If you are asked about your current address, or financial information, please follow the prompts to continue.
  3. Select the Student Services Tab.
  4. Next, select Student Records and choose the "request a certification of enrollment" option.
  5. Press the "Continue to NSLC" Button.
  6. A new browser window will open and you will be taken out of Medaille360 and into the secure National Student Loan Clearinghouse website.
  7. Under the Obtain an enrollment certificate menu, select current enrollment , all enrollment, or advanced registration  and then select the Obtain an enrollment certificate link.
  8. Your certificate of enrollment will open in a new browser window in PDF format and you can select the printer icon at the top of the page to print your certificate.

Medaille College students may also access information about their enrollment status, student loan deferment notifications, proofs of enrollment provided, and specific information about their student loans through the National Student Loan Clearinghouse portal. To access this information, click on the appropriate link after continuing to NSLC.

The Registrar's Office is located at the Buffalo Campus, on the first floor of the Main Building (M133).

Office hours:
Mon: 8 am – 5 pm
Tues: 8 am – 5 pm
Wed: 8 am – 5 pm
Thurs: 8 am – 5 pm
Friday: 8 am – 4 pm

Call us at:
(716) 880-2365

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