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How do I refer a student for counseling?

You may simply refer to the Counseling Center as a possible resource (If you would like some of our pamphlets to keep on hand, just give us a call and we will send you some).

When discussing the referral with your student, focus on specific behaviors you are observing that have merited your concern. These might include: being late for class, appearing fatigued; appearing tearful, appearing unable to focus in class, changes in physical appearance, changes in typical behavior.'

You are always welcome and invited to call for a consultation at ext. 2339.

Students can be encouraged to complete intake forms online at  Once forms have been submitted, the student will be contacted within 2 business days for appointment scheduling.  Students may also call the office at (716) 880-2339 or (716) 880- 2246 to schedule.  If a student needs sooner assistance, the may walk in to the Wellness Center at 117 Humboldt Parkway (Monday-Friday 8AM-4PM).  Every effort will be made to see them as soon as possible.   If this is an emergency situation and you are on campus, call Public Safety at (716)880-2911.  If you are off campus, call 911 for immediate emergency assistance.

What is case management?

It is common for students to experience difficulty at some point during their college career.  This can be related to academic pressures, personal issues, or physical/mental health problems.  Case management services are offered to help students safely and effectively navigate such challenges and stay on the path towards academic success. 

The Student Advocate may help a student:

  • Identify and problem-solve barriers to academic and personal success.
  • Assess the type of assistance and resources needed.
  • Explore personal strengths, self-care and wellness strategies.
  • Develop or strengthen their support system.
  • Navigate and access on- and off-campus resources.
  • Stay on track with identified goals.
  • Overcome obstacles in accessing help.
  • Transition back to campus after a medical leave of absence, hospitalization, or difficult life circumstance.
  • Proactively address problems/stressors to avert more serious difficulties.

How is a student referred for case management?

A student can be referred to case management services by faculty/staff, family, or a fellow student when they have concerns for a student's well-being.  (Please note: the student must be aware and agreeable to being referred to case management.)  This can be done by completing the online form at: or by calling the Student Counseling Center at (716) 880-2246 or (716) 880-2339.

How do I refer a student for psychological testing?

Psychological and cognitive testing is possible through a collaboration with the Medaille College PsyD department  and is dependent on availability.  Faculty or staff may make a referral for this service.  Please complete the referral form at: or call (716) 880-2246 for more information.

Signs a student may be in distress

  • Marked change in academic performance and/or behavior
  • Unusual behavior or appearance
  • Consistent pattern of being tardy or absent to class
  • References to suicide, homicide, or death
  • Withdrawn in class

Another resource is, which is the online behavioral support system for young adults. Ulifeline also provides a screening service for members of faculty who may have a specific concern about a particular student or students.

Consultation and Outreach Services

Faculty and staff are invited to request outreach presentations. The Counseling Center offers workshops on a variety of topics that promote positive mental health. A two week advance request is appreciated, but do not hesitate to contact the Center if you are unable to meet this request.

The Student Counseling Center
Located at 117 Humboldt Parkway
Phone (716) 880-2339
Fax (716) 880-3399

Community Resource Manual

Student Counseling Center Community Connections

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