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Health Services - Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do when I am sick?

Students should visit the Health Center, where their injuries and illnesses will be assessed and treated by the nurse. They may be given over the counter medications for self-care, or if the condition warrants, they will be referred to see a doctor. In order to be seen by the doctor, students must have a Medical History form on file in the Health Center.

Can the nurse give me allergy shots?

The Health Center does not administer allergy shots, but can give you the name of a doctor in close proximity that can administer them. The student is responsible for storage of their serum, transportation, and payment.

I am having trouble obtaining my immunization records, what can I do?

Immunization records can be obtained from your doctor or health care facility, high school health office, previous colleges attended, and military immunization records. Immunizations listed in baby books or on the back of birth certificates can be submitted for review, but must include a physician’s signature to be valid. In the event that none of these records are available, students can be reimmunized or have a blood test by their physician to determine their immunity to measles, mumps, and rubella.

I need a prescription filled, where is the closest pharmacy?

Walgreen’s Pharmacy
(716) 834-2820
1556 Hertel Ave (corner of Hertel and Parkside)

Rite Aid Pharmacy
(716)  885-9944
1410 Delaware (across from cemetery)

Rite Aid Pharmacy
(716)  862-0511
2585 Main St. (corner of Main and Fillmore)

Sisters Hospital Pharmacy
(716) 862-1575
2157 Main St.  (First floor of the hospital)

Please check with your insurance plan to determine which pharmacy will be covered.

How can I get a copy of my immunization records?

You must submit a written request to the Health Center. The request must include your name, date of birth, social security number, and signature. You must include the address or fax number of where the record is to be sent. Please allow 1 week for records to be received. Download a record release form.

Why is there an immunization hold on my account and how can I get it removed so I can register?

The immunization hold was applied to your account because either you have not submitted your immunization records, or the records you did submit were incomplete. You must contact the Health Center to determine what records you are lacking. Once you supply those records, the hold will be removed and you will be allowed to register.

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