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Diversity Statement — We’re Better Together

At Medaille College, we believe our differences are assets. We foster a community that respects and values a broad range of backgrounds, viewpoints, and experiences and encourages and creates opportunities so all Mavericks can reach their full potential educationally and professionally.

The Office of Diversity & Inclusion serves the Medaille College community through programs and initiatives that build upon our differences and strengthen us as an institution of higher learning. Here at Medaille we are focused on engaging, collaborating and connecting with people who bring a wealth of diversity perspectives to the table, so that we can create a harmonious and welcoming environment that incorporates 3 Medaille priorities of inclusive excellence at every encounter.

The first priority centers on High Touch, a sense of excellence in our consumer engagement and customer service extended to everyone that connects with the Medaille College family.

The second priority focuses on High Quality, providing the best educational and workplace environment for our students, faculty and staff members.

The third priority targets our Commitment to Diversity & inclusion, by cultivating and growing a welcoming community that engages all of its diversity in the service of student and organizational learning.

The Office of Diversity & Inclusion leads and supports efforts to advance a diverse and inclusive campus community, consistent with Medaille's core values.

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Leadership — Director, Diversity & Inclusion

As part of Medaille College’s strategic commitment to diversity, we have selected Mr. Kenya K. Hobbs to serve as our inaugural Director, Diversity & Inclusion. Mr. Hobbs brings a wealth of experiences and knowledge to this new role. Mr. Hobbs most recently served as an assistant vice president at M&T Bank and director of development and communications for the Buffalo Promise Neighborhood. This position saw him drive educational development for more than 1,000 underserved and protected class students through school and neighborhood reinvestment.

Prior to this position, Mr. Hobbs was project manager for workforce development initiatives in the City of Buffalo Mayor’s Office of Strategic Planning. In this role he was a leader in planning for minority and women business development throughout the City of Buffalo.

Mr. Hobbs is charged with managing and overseeing diversity programs and services at the College. In addition, he is helping to build Medaille’s diverse student, faculty and staff populations; create opportunities to engage in discussions with diverse people inside and outside the classroom; and provide programs and services that emphasize the importance of a diverse and inclusive campus environment.

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Strategic Initiatives

Diversity in Leadership

Medaille is creating pathways to increase diversity in our faculty and staff through partnering with national and local community organizations serving underrepresented peoples and communities. We have a growing social media presence to engage potential candidates for available positions at the college. Medaille is committed to exploring every avenue that will result in a more welcoming, diverse and inclusive environment for our faculty & staff.  

Diversity in Learning

Medaille is cultivating a sense of community equipped to address the changing dynamics and needs of our student population. As our students representing diverse backgrounds and experiences continue to grow, we are poised to develop services and supports that are necessary to ensure a successful college experience for each of them. Whether you are a first generation student or a working graduate student, Medaille is here to make your transition into our community and family an amazing experience.

Diverse Exchanges

Medaille believes that open, honest, and transparent dialogue is key to advancing diversity & Inclusion efforts within the college community. Diversity Exchanges is our discussion forum to address diversity & inclusion perspectives that are impacting our students, faculty/staff and other community stakeholders. 

Anti-Discrimination & Title IX

The Office of Diversity & Inclusion in partnership with the Title IX office and the college’s department of Human Resources is actively engaged in ensuring that Medaille College is free of discrimination in any form. It is our goal to ensure that you feel safe and supported throughout your Medaille College experience. If you feel that your civil /sexual/human rights have been violated as member of the Medaille community we invite to reach out to the following resources to address your concerns:

  • For Civil Rights/Title IX Inquiries Contact:

    • Mr. Kenya Hobbs, Director, Diversity & Inclusion/Title IX Coordinator

    • (716) 880-2203 Direct or (716) 880-2119 Title IX, or via email at


  • For Employee Relations Inquiries Contact:


  • For Public Safety Inquiries Contact:

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Programs & Partnerships

MAGEC - Multilingual Global Education Committee

MAGEC serves primarily as a critical hub for all the groups on campus that are devoted to providing support and services for our increasingly diverse population. The motivation here is to acknowledge the growing interest in promoting all types of diversity awareness on campus, to recognize the number of kindred projects that are underway, and to create bridges between those projects. Our efforts are made stronger by working together.   

This group brings together individuals from across the campus who help with recruiting, placing, housing, counseling, advising and teaching our multilingual students across campus.

Intercultural Dialogues

The Intercultural Dialogues committee is devoted to creating safe spaces for exploring diversity and issues related to being a member of a marginalized population.

Intercultural Dialogues "Open Mics" and other activities designed by that faculty and staff to promote diversity awareness and a safe space for open exchange.

Multicultural Student Council

More info on Multicultural Student Council coming soon.

BSU (Black Student Union)

The BSU promotes a better atmosphere for minority students. We ensure all students are treated fairly, educate the community about the culture and heritage of African-Americans, and promote togetherness and unity within the Medaille College minority community.

HERO (Helping Educate Regarding Orientation)

HERO Club has been established as the official LGBTQ+ group on campus. HERO will provide a safe space for everyone regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity and will work to promote LGBTQ+ awareness and rights on campus.

Cultural Revelation

Cultural Revelation is a student organization that exposes individuals to the diverse populations of the Medaille College campus and the Buffalo community. Both American and international students will be introduced to and involved in social and educational activities throughout the year.

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Local & National Resources

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Federal & State Laws

Federal Laws

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Contact Us

Kenya Hobbs

Director, Diversity & Inclusion
Title IX Coordinator

(716) 880-2203 Direct
(716) 880-2119 Title IX


Contact Us

Kenya Hobbs

Kenya Hobbs

Director, Diversity & Inclusion
Title IX Coordinator

(716) 880-2203 Direct
(716) 880-2119 Title IX

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