Institutional Review Board (IRB)

What is the Medaille College IRB?

The Medaille College Institutional Review Board (IRB) is a committee designated to review, to approve the initiation of, and to conduct periodic review of research involving human subjects. The primary purpose of such review is to ensure that all necessary steps are taken to protect the rights and welfare of human subjects who participate in research conducted at the College or by members of it. 

Who needs IRB approval?

Anyone conducting research with human participants requires IRB approval.

  • Research: a systematic investigation designed to develop knowledge that can be generalized
  • Human participant (or subject): a living individual about whom an investigator (professional or student) conducting research obtains data through intervention or interaction with the individual, or through identifiable private information

If you plan to present, publish, or otherwise share results of a research study involving human participants, you will need IRB approval.

How do I obtain IRB approval for my research?

To obtain IRB approval for your research, please download and complete the Medaille College IRB Application. Depending upon the nature of your research, you may be required to complete and submit additional forms with your initial IRB application. Details on these forms are provided in the Medaille College IRB Application, and links for these forms are provided below.

When is my IRB application due?

The Medaille College IRB meets during the third week of every month. If you would like to have your IRB application reviewed during a particular month, your finalized application should be submitted no later than the last day of the preceding month. 

Important reminder: For any application to be considered by the Medaille College IRB, all individuals named on the application are required to have successfully completed a web-based tutorial on the ethical issues involved in conducting human subjects research. Proof of ethics training (such as an electronic certificate of completion) must be included for every member of the research team when submitting an IRB application for review. IRB applications cannot be reviewed until the IRB has received documentation of ethics training for every individual listed on the application. 

How do I complete my required ethics training?

Please contact for information on how to complete your required ethics training.

Additional IRB forms:

Additional IRB Resources:


Medaille College’s IRB Members

Kelly AhunaKelly Ahuna, PhD
IRB Co-Chair

Program Director for MSED Elementary and Adolescent Education
81 Humboldt

Read More


Lesley CapuanaLesley Capuana, PhD
IRB Co-Chair

Assistant Professor, Department of Social Sciences
Main 223


Bernadette ClabeauxBernadette Clabeaux, PhD
IRB Member

Assistant Professor of Practice, Department of Science, Mathematics & Technology
Huber 219


Tanisha JoshiTanisha Joshi, PhD
IRB Member

Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Counseling & Clinical Psychology
103 Humboldt, # 203


Keith KlostermannKeith Klostermann, PhD
IRB Member

Assistant Professor, Department of Counseling & Clinical Psychology
Director of Clinical Training, Marriage & Family Therapy Program
103 Humboldt

Read More


Jennifer ReichenbergJennifer Reichenberg, PhD
IRB Member

Assistant Professor, Department of Education
Program Director for Literacy Education
81 Humboldt

Read More


Ashleigh Lamson, MBA
External IRB Reviewer

Regulatory Affairs Specialist
Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center


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